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Inside the Eye - Live!
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ITEL Radio Interview - Frederick C. Blackburn - 1.21.17

January 21, 2017

Frederick C. Blackburn, aka "Blackbird 9", host of Blackbird9's Breakfast Club, joined Inside the Eye - Live! in hour number of 2 of the Jan. 21 show.  Frederick's first year as a radio host, his 9 layer model of power transfer, the media, and much more filled out a fast paced hour.

Listen   46:56

ITEL Radio Interview - Jason Schumann - 1.14.17

January 14, 2017

Jason Schumann, "anti-Zionist" activist, advocate for many Jewish causes such as LGBT, immigration, and Israel as a homeland for Jews joined to discuss Jewish/Zionist infiltration into UK government, non-profits, and state institutions.  Conversation shifted into language, Jewish assaults on Western values, and more.  

Listen   48:35

ITEL Radio Interview - Harley Schlanger - 1.14.17

January 14, 2017

Harley Schlanger, spokesman for the LaRouche PAC and VP of The Schiller Institute make a return to ITEL with a review of Trump, Russia, Germany, China, the EU, the Euro, mass immigration into Germany, and much more.

Listen   44:55

ITEL Radio Interview - John Kaminski - 1.7.17

January 07, 2017

John Kaminski, internet essayist extraordinaire. joined Inside the Eye - Live! for two hours of fascinating conversation.  The early days of the Internet, the Trump phenomena, immigration. an apparent inability to awake the masses, and much much more from a true pioneer of the "truth movement".  Listener phone calls returned!

Listen   95:16

ITEL Radio Interview - Tom Goodrich - 12.31.16

January 02, 2017

Tom Goodrich added a second (solo) hour to close out the year on Inside the Eye - Live!  Hellstorm, the enveloping strangulation of the West by Jewish Bolshevik agents, current American politics, Trump, immigration - a fun, information filled final hour of 2016!

Listen   51:30

ITEL Radio Interview - Tom Goodrich w Ann from Sweden - 12.31.16

January 02, 2017

Ann from Sweden, the translator of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1044-1947. join author Tom Goodrich for a one hour discussion.  Topics of discussion included The Trump Phenomena, the current migrant problem in Sweden Sweden's political lethargy in dealing with the immigrant problem, as well as Ann's ongoing efforts to complete the translation of Hellstorm into Swedish.

Listen   48:27

ITEL Radio Interview - Graham Hart - 12.24.16

December 24, 2016

Musician and radio talent Graham Hart joined Inside the Eye - Live! for a Christmas holiday special.  The "brownification of Corwall, UK, Pizzagate, life in Cornwall, BREXIT, Israal, and much more in this 1.5 hour interview.

Listen   67:43

Fetch Guest Hosts "Revelation" on Revolution Radio

December 23, 2016

The Fetch filled in for Paul Stevenson's show, "Revelation", on Revolution Radio.  Topics included Christmas, Duterte calling White Americans largely idiots, and Trump's reading near verbatum from Israeli Foreign Ministry Talking points on issues in the UN.

Listen   100:03

ITEL Radio Interview - Kevin MacDonald - 11.12.16

November 13, 2016

Kevin MacDonald, Ed. in Chief of The Occidental Observer, joined in hour #3 to discuss the latest US Presidential Election, the "Left's" war on Donald Trump, the direction of American politics and society.  Academia, press, foreign policy - lots of topics discussed in this high energy interview.  Kevin's recent trip for an EU sponsored gathering of EU nationalists also featured prominently. 

Listen   51:51

ITEL Radio Interview - Alison Chabloz - 11.12.16

November 13, 2016

Musician and British Nationalist Alison Chabloz joined to discuss her journey into British Nationalism, her experiences at being the victim of targeted harassment by Jewish trolls, her being banned by Jewish venue owners during the Edinborough Fringe Festival, and much more.  A fun. light, high energy interview that included a preview of her latest song, "Tell Me More Lies".

Listen   47:54

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