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Jenny’s House- Lighten Up!
November 08, 2018

In this discussion, I will be talking about ways to “lighten up” our energy. As well as talk about vibration and frequency; what they are and is there a difference? Also, my opinions on taking spirituality and life too seriously. I will also take calls for readings if time permits. Come, sit a spell and bring your heart and open mind… I’ll do the rest. <3 Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Radioality with Selva Dutton

December 10, 2019

On this week show on the second hour, we will do a Healing Meditation if there is anyone that you might like for me to send healing to email me on [email protected], with names and I, will add them to my list the first hour I will share on my journey to Bali and be Happy to take calls for readings or a chat Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Psychic Connection with Kathleen and Shelby

December 09, 2019

Join us for another fantastic hour and a half full of Spiritual discussion and mini readings with Psychic Mediums Kathleen Moore and Shelby Aesthetic. First time callers ALWAYS go first, call in early to get in que. Chatroom open 15m before show starts, see you there! Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows - J Morgan Saifer

December 08, 2019

A Reiki Master and Animal Communicator of over 10 years, J.Morgan Saifer has spent the last decade studying and practicing Reiki and Reiki for Animals across Western Canada and the Southwest US. Author of the book ‘Animals & Energy’, J Morgan takes readers through the journey of what animals think and how they feel about life alongside their people. J. Morgan began her Animal Communication path in 2004 when she adopted her animal companion, Pink. The reception of her animal companion had such a profound effect on J. Morgan that she instantly knew that she was born to bridge the gap between animals and people. Seeking a means to actively train her intuitive gift, she became a Usui Reiki Master in 2007. Divinely inspired by her beloved cat Pink, J. Morgan decided to focus her life’s work on the healing and wellness of animals. Through this journey she came to understand that as equally important as it is to heal animals, so too is it to educate people on the well-being and proper nutrition of animals. Gifted with the ability to channel messages from Spirit and animals to people, J. Morgan has committed her life to being of service to the Animal Kingdom both in the physical and spirit realms. Having worked directly with cats and dogs for over 15 years, J. Morgan has a significant history of animal care experience both in a hands-on setting as well as the metaphysical. In early 2014, J Morgan initiated her business; Soulstice Spirit. She began this company in order to have a platform from which to speak her truth, and be a voice for animals. In addition to speaking publicly about animal consciousness and sentience, J Morgan specializes in soul contracts, human mindfulness, empathy and kindness. She currently speaks about and leads guided meditations on these topics in classes and workplaces. J. Morgan Saifer actively practices and teaches Animal Communication, Reiki, Animal Reiki and intuition-based healing across North America. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Bryn Durham

December 03, 2019

Bryn is a very talented Healer and Reflexologist and intuitive reader, join us and feel free to call in and have a chat with us or get a reading to help you find a path to follow Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows - Dorothy Holder

December 01, 2019

Dorothy Holder Clairvoyant Energy Therapist and Taroist With 20 years full time professional experience. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with Selva Dutton

November 26, 2019

Selva is flying solo today. She discusses many topics and does a lovely meditation near show's end. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Robert Whyte

November 19, 2019

Robert is joining us again for another 2 hours of sharing and growing together, feel free to ask Robert about Astrology, Mediumship, and energies Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows - Sam Henderson

November 17, 2019

Sam Henderson He is 36, from Huntington WV, Sam is an empath/medium, some say psychic. Founder of 304 Paranormal Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Lauren DeVere

November 12, 2019

Lauren is one of Australia’s most trusted psychics, spiritual coach, healer, mentor and change maker. Lauren is passionate about guiding her clients to become the best possible version of themselves. Lauren’s psychic abilities have been apparent from a very young age giving her many years to develop her skills and knowledge of developing the psychic senses and working with energy. Well known for her amazing accuracy and broad range of topics that she covers in her sessions, many people know Lauren from her regular radio segment on popular Townsville radio station “start 106.3 psychic Tuesdays”. She is also well recognised for her role as a touring psychic reader at Australian psychic expo, one of Australia’s longest run psychic events. In a psychic guidance session Lauren connects directly to your energy. Lauren hears, sees and feels information with great detail. In a psychic reading session Lauren is able to tap into a huge resource of information on topics which can include future events, family, health and wellbeing, life purpose and path, career, relationships, your emotional healing journey, children yet to be born, as well as messages from loved ones and pets in spirit and more. Lauren is passionate about sharing knowledge and her encourages her clients to make positive choices in regards to their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and personal growth. Lauren is also a reiki master healer and crystal healer. She is passionate about teaching reiki and psychic development as well as sharing her knowledge of overall health and wellbeing. A session with Lauren is a very healing and uplifting experience. You can find Lauren on Facebook “psychic medium Lauren De Vere”, or her website “ Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Psychic Connection w/ Kathleen and Shelby – Premier Show

November 11, 2019

Welcome! We are excited to share our premier show: Psychic Connection w/ Kathleen and Shelby! Stop by for an hour and a half of exciting conversation, spiritual fellowship, laughter and psychic/mediumship mini readings. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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