SmallElk Sacred Energy- Power Animal Meditations

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About SmallElk Sacred Energy- Power Animal Meditations:

Power Animal Meditations

by Nicki Scully

Please join us starting September 17, 2016 at 9am EST for a series of meditations each Saturday morning.

There are three stages to each meditation. First we learn to activate our Cauldron which is an ancient symbol of the cosmic womb. The Cauldron is a metaphor for the alchemical beaker in which transformation and healing occurs. We contain this vessel in our abdominal region, or womb. Then we are able to transform our perspective to include an awareness of the spirit realm. The Cauldron allows us to connect with our animal totem allies and see the world through their eyes.

Next we are introduced to Toth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, language, communications, healing, science and more. He is the foundation of this work. You can ask Toth for guidance. He guides us to where we are going to Journey and he assists us in returning to our bodies at the end of the meditation.

We will do stage 1 and 2 at the beginning of each weeks meditation.

The 3rd stage is the destination of our journey to meet our Power Animal or work with Tree or plant etc. Each week will be a different destination and different goal for the journey for example the first meditation/journey will introduce us to Vulture and Crone and the goal is Intuitive Wisdom.

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