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Jenny’s House- Lighten Up!
November 08, 2018

In this discussion, I will be talking about ways to “lighten up” our energy. As well as talk about vibration and frequency; what they are and is there a difference? Also, my opinions on taking spirituality and life too seriously. I will also take calls for readings if time permits. Come, sit a spell and bring your heart and open mind… I’ll do the rest. <3 Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Angel Meadows - Teena Pare-Duchesne

November 10, 2019

Teena Duchesne Psychic-medium/Public Speaker/Event Coordinator Teena has been working as a psychic/medium/investigator in the field for seven years. She has planned numerous events and captivates an audience when guest speaking. Teena is a founder of “PO3 Paranormal” and is now branching out, while still representing her team. She will continue to travel Canada and the US to seek the unknown and is a valued member of the Paranormal field Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Bryn Durham

November 05, 2019

Bryn Durham is a certified Foot Reflexologist of over 25 years.He trained at the Laura Norman School of Reflexology in New York City,and has seen clients there as well as clients in Boston and surrounding areas. He believes that the feet are our physical and energetic links to the earth to help us ground our spiritual energies to the earth in order to manifest the seemingly ” unseen” into our “seen” earth existence.He is also a practising spiritual psychic medium,energy healer and artist. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows - Rick Hale

November 03, 2019

Rick Hale is Spooky Isles Deputy Editor (Mysterious Phenomenon). A native of Chicago, Illinois. Rich has had an interest in anomalous phenomenon since having a positive encounter with an apparition at an early age. Rick is the author “The Geeks Guide To The Strange And Unusual; Poltergeist, Ghost & Demons”, also the latest release “Behold! Shocking True Tales Of Terror…And Some Other Spooky Stuff” both can be found on Rick has been published by “The Supernatural Magazine & Paranormal Underground Magazine. He also appeared in “Ghost Tapes 2” & several episodes of “Ghost Tapes The Series” found on YouTube. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Robert Whyte

October 29, 2019

Robert is re-joining us and is ready to share his thoughts and knowledge, Robert is a Medium and strong Cleavoyant work with cards and Energy and has good knowledge of Astrology, so get ready to listen and please feel free to join us, by calling or by skype Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows-Jason Arthur

October 27, 2019

Jason is an actor, writer, director from Toledo, Ohio. He is the owner of LEP Productions and co-founder of Lake Erie Paranormal and Paranormal Mysteries. He is also a station manager with ZTalk Radio and is a co-host of podcasts such as Paranormal Mysteries on Sunday nights and Stirring the Pot and adult themed podcast on Tuesday nights. Jason has acted in such movies as: The Winery which he co-wrote and directed with Jason Hoover and Brian Williams, Nightblade available on Amazon Prime, I Dared You Truth or Dare 5, and Devil Music. Also executive producer for Magnetic Highway and Magnetic Highway Exit 2 which are all Los Bastardz Productions. Also Kill Dolly Kill Dolly Deadly 2 an HM&M film with Troma Pictures, Dead Bodies in #223 which is still on Amazon Prime, Cocaine and Werewolves in post production, Cool as Hell 2 and Hollywood Werewolf both Acidbath Productions. Currently working on Death Care and a few other movies. Also filming Paranormal Mysteries produced by LEP Productions its a Paranormal series which is currently finishing up season one and can be seen on YouTube ….LEP Productions. Also on that page you can see the comedy side of LEP Productions and see the adventures of Bodeen the Bigfoot, Jezebel the hillbilly cousin of Annabelle, singing duo Jay Smelly Squared and the parapossers! Jason is married and has 3 children. He just started his 24th year in Law Enforcement. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Nick Fox

October 22, 2019

Once again Nick is Joining us to share his amazing joy for life and Wisdom, feel free to Skype on intuitalks .networks or call in. Remember this show is very happy to receive a donation to enable us to keep providing a show for all to enjoy. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows - Jay Lynch

October 20, 2019

Husband, Father, Paranormal Investigator, Pod-caster, Cryptid Researcher, Speaker, Emcee, Public Nuisance. Jay is best described as an Open Minded Skeptic. Since getting involved with the paranormal he has experienced to much to say that there is nothing there. But hasn't found enough evidence to prove anything is. Besides being a Station Manager at ZTalk Radio Network he is also the Host on Paranormal Mysterious Podcast, Sit Chat & Laugh With The Lynch's, and Stirring The Pot. Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Deanne Moulden

October 15, 2019

Deanne’s mission to rediscover herself, she experienced many modalities and did a lot of research. Along the way she became certified in theta healing and hypnotherapy and is a meditation instructor. Deanne understands our subconscious and what keeps us stuck. Her passion now is sharing her learnings and using the tools she has developed along the way.” Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Angel Meadows - Larry Ferreira

October 13, 2019

Larry Ferreira is an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, and a Certified Atlantean Quantum Healer. From a very early age he became aware of his psychic abilities although he didn’t understand how or why he “knew” certain things. Larry would sometimes have dreams about situations or people and would be surprised afterwards how amazingly accurate they were. He brushed them off as mere coincidence as he wasn’t a believer in anything metaphysical. It wasn’t until he received his Reiki I certification that his abilities began to fully open up and understood for the first time what it all meant. Larry continued studying and practicing until he attained his current level; that of Reiki Master teacher. And this is just a small part of who Larry is, and what he is . Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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Radioality with special Guest Padmini Emmaneni

October 08, 2019

I am an author and a secondary school teacher of English and History. I recently relocated to Perth and wish to promote my debut historical fiction novel Kaalachakra – The Wheel of Time, self-published in November 2017 and launched at the Museum of the Great Southern in Albany Western Australia. My book has been embraced by the local community. It is endorsed on the front cover by famous Australian historical YA fiction author, Dianne Wolfer (Lighthouse Girl, Light Horse Boy, In the Lamplight, Shark Girl, The Dog with Seven Names). Broadcast from Sign up for free and listen live!

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