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Jenny’s House- Lighten Up!
November 08, 2018

In this discussion, I will be talking about ways to “lighten up” our energy. As well as talk about vibration and frequency; what they are and is there a difference? Also, my opinions on taking spirituality and life too seriously. I will also take calls for readings if time permits. Come, sit a spell and bring your heart and open mind… I’ll do the rest. <3 Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Angel Meadows - Cara and George Schopplein

January 06, 2019

George & Cara Schopplein have been actively investigating the paranormal for over 6 years. They have had a revolving door of paranormal activity in their home for many years and learned how to effectively help the spirits that seek them out. So now they use their abilities to help others. George is Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Claircognizant. He has had these abilities since childhood but ignored them. As an adult he had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (NDE) and it awoke and enhanced his abilities. Today he continues to hone his abilities and can obtain amazing results. He is also a co-host on Paranormal Connections Radio Show with Christina George and was in the Kennedy Mine Ghost Adventures episode. Cara is a Lightworker. She has always believed in the paranormal and saw her first full body apparition when she was 12. One of her close friends is an energy healer and she helped Cara realize her ability to help spirits crossover and clear negative energy and attachments from people and places. She also creates protective and healing crystal jewelry with Love Light and Positive Energy. Together their abilities are growing stronger and they use them to help the living and the departed be at peace. They empower and teach their clients to protect themselves and how to coexist with spirits. Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Clairvoyant Kimber Lee

January 06, 2019

Kimber Lee is a clairvoyant, psychic, medium, healer who can read auras on people and animals. She’s also an empath and can feel and read energy, cards, stones and bones. Kimber can also connect and give messages from spirits, guides, animal guides and angels. She’s also a healer and picks up on energy using psychometry. Kimber is continually learning, and working to develop her abilities, continually seeking to learn more. She became aware of some of her gifts when she was around nine and by her teen years Kimber started to understand, feel and use her abilities more. It was not until she was older that she started to understand and learn more about what to do and how use her abilities to help others. Following a Near Death Experience Kimber noticed her abilities grew stronger and she felt a need to do more with them. She continues to find her purpose, and to help, heal and work with others in any way she can. To contact the host (Chris) please visit or Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Spiritual Intuit, Barbara DeLong

January 03, 2019

Join us at 10 PM Eastern for an enlightening discussion with Barbara DeLong. Barbara DeLong is a Spiritual Intuit, and hosts the show Night Light on Blogtalk Radio. She created her own oracle card deck called The Cosmic Deck of Initiation, and Authored the book “Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom”, both of which are available on Amazon. She has had some amazing experiences and provides seekers with excellent readings. Check out Barbara’s website and her show, as well as a documentary called Secrets of the Stones by clicking these links: Also, please subscribe to Barbara’s youtube channel: Contact the host of Curious Times: or Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Trance Channel and Psychic Medium Lisa Noland-Shalosky

January 02, 2019

Lisa is my guest on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each Month. The 1st Tuesday of each month will be a discussion show. Listeners are welcome to call in to ask questions or make a comment about our topic. Lisa Noland-Shalosky is a Psychic Medium and Trance Channel who helps change lives through spirit connections. As a Psychic Medium, Lisa receives messages from beyond in many forms, including clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and physically using psychometry (sensing a physical object like a piece of jewelry or clothing or holding a photo) or by simply giving her a name. She can connect you with loved ones who have crossed over and are now in spirit. She is also able to connect you to your spirit guides, angels and light beings. As a Trance Channel, Lisa invites spirits or entities from the Angelic and Universal realm to “borrow” her body for a matter of time in order to communicate with the living. For more information on Lisa’s services or to book a private reading please visit her website at: Facebook: Lisa is also a regular contributor to the Bellesprit Magazine containing transcribed messages that have been channeled by Lisa. You can find out more at: To contact the host (Chris): Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Psychic Medium Corrine DeWinter

December 23, 2018

Corrine DeWinter is our guest on the 4th Saturday of each month at 10 PM Eastern. Talented in many areas, Corrine De Winter is a Psychic Medium, an author and a lifelong seeker of the Supernatural. From her first Ouija board session with her Mother at 13 years old to her Mediumship Training at Kera Center, she strives to find the truth in the midst of life’s illusions and to help others on their journeys. Corrine is the host of her own radio show, where she interviews a wide variety of people including those involved in the paranormal and metaphysical communities. You can find her broadcast at You can find her books and artwork at: Corrine is also the owner of where you can find the amazing & miraculous Purple Energy Plates, along with crystals, perfumes and much more. She is also the founder of, a non profit that helps children and families in need nationwide. Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Nick Fox, Spiritual Guide

December 17, 2018

Nick’s stated main purpose is to help people, no matter who they are, or where they come from. Growing up in Sydney Australia, his research and discovery into all things spiritual, has lead him down a path of knowledge and understanding, giving him a remarkable awareness and trust in his play as a guide and teacher. Let’s just say he’s dived down the rabbit hole many times, giving him a wide-ranging and in depth understanding of this world and the many others out there. Nick does not consider himself a master or someone to look up too, just another human being, playing, exploring and discovering on this planet. He sees all life as perfect and equal, and he always reminds everyone he connects with that life is about having fun! Through his writing, readings, crystal products, videos and his hand made jewelry, he spreads love, joy, and bliss with all, reminding everyone of the importance of being playful. Contact him through facebook at his website To contact the host of the show (Chris) via Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Angel Meadows - Michael Christopher

December 16, 2018

Since Michael has discovered and accepted gift, he has had this overwhelming desire and drive to do readings. He prides himself on being able to quickly deliver evidential based information from spirit to his clients. Although he tends to favor mediumship readings over psychic or intuitive readings, he is equally able to tap into a person’s energy and provide them with needed guidance. So besides talking to and getting to know Michael, He will be giving live readings. Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Jenny’s House- Making Connections

December 13, 2018

In this episode, I’ll discuss the different ways of making a connection to Spirit. Are we really talking to Spirit? How can we know? Tune in at 8:30pm ET and let’s see what we see! Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Psychic Medium Kathleen Moore

December 13, 2018

Kathleen is our guest on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. On the 2nd Wednesday of each month we will be having a discussion show, while on the 4th Wednesday of each month we will talk with Kathleen in the first 40 minute segment then open up the phone lines and she will provide readings for you. Kathleen Moore is a gifted psychic medium, clairvoyant, spiritual counselor and ordained minister. She has given countless readings to people seeking her counsel from around the world. Kathleen has been helping her clients with connection to their loved ones, intuitive coaching and being able to see into their future. Kathleen grew up in British Columbia and moved to the United States in 1985. Kathleen worked as a seasonal naturalist for 20 years. This career was chosen due to her love of nature and connection to spirit through animals. Kathleen knew at a young age that she saw the world differently. Being different than others is part of her spiritual resume. It is a gift she believes she was given to help others along their spiritual journey. She started professional readings at 18 while obtaining her degree in interpretive science. Kathleen has been doing readings for over 25 years strictly by word of mouth and referral. She delivers her readings with confidence and in a no-nonsense way. Her services include private readings, gallery readings, house cleansings and motivational speaking events. She has always felt great honor in connecting with her clients and she enjoys assisting others. To learn more about Kathleen and the services she provides: Phone – 330-554-8202 or by email at Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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Curious Times – Astrologer Melissa Bruce

December 12, 2018

Melissa Bruce is my regular guest on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month. We will talk about what is going on astrologically and then later in the show will open up the phone lines and Melissa will provide some mini readings or coaching. As an Astrologer, Medium, and Tarot Reader, Melissa has helped many people literally change their lives and perceptions about themselves and their own worlds. Her passion in life is helping others see how they can change their own lives, as she learned to change her own. She is currently teaching online courses available through her website, teaching her students how to use their own Mediumship skills, how to read their own Astrology birth charts, and how to own their lives and their destinies by teaching them about themselves through Personal Development. To find out more about Melissa please visit her website: Broadcast from, a unique webcasting platform for light-workers. Source:

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