Confounding Apperance

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About Confounding Apperance:

Matthew 2:1-12

In the opening chapters of Matthew’s Gospel, we experience the most intimate and physical contact with God through the witness of Jesus born in very gritty conditions to a very unlikely couple. And, it is in this setting that Shepherds desire to worship him as their king. Immediately following this scene, we encounter a world-renowned power broker who wants to murder this child, Jesus, and brilliant intellectuals of the day who desire to worship him; the contrast in Matthew can, at times, seem confounding. God gets born in the dirt. The maker of the world en-fleshed is chased down by Herod. Soon thereafter, Jesus as a little boy sits on the lap of his poor-girl-mother and we get to witness a group of Magi bowing down to worship him. It is as if Matthew is trying to tell us that things are not always what we seem, that God works in ways we are unaccustomed to, and that if we are to be in relationship with God Come Near, we will do well to suspend some of our contemporary assumptions about who is in, who is out, who is good, who is bad, what is up and what is down. Join us this Sunday as we consider a classic passage from the Bible and learn new ways to see how much God loves us and to what extent he will go to prove it. Doing so, however, will require us to have an open mind about some of the beliefs that we hold dear.

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