God's Kids and the Devil's Kids

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About God's Kids and the Devil's Kids:

John 8:42-59

My friend has a dog who will never leave the yard if left outside. The yard has no walls and the dog is not chained. Invisible to the eye, the dog is restrained by an electric fence. If my friend turned off the electric fence and shouted to his dog, "be free" she would not leave the yard.    According to Jesus, we were all born into slavery, fenced in by an invisible evil and unaware that there are opportunities for freedom. John's Gospel declares that we are in darkness and unable to see the light. However, Jesus says in this Gospel that if we make Jesus our master, we will be free. He says things like, believe and be saved, you must be born again, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free, the sheep hears the shepherd's voice..., and if you follow me you will never walk in darkness. In John 8:42-59, Jesus gets really personal and says that we are either children of the Devil or children of God. And, if we are children of God, we are free! Join us this Sunday as we look at the ways in which the lies of the Devil enslave us and how we can live lives "beyond the electric fence" by following our true Master, Jesus Christ.


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