Palm Sunday: Darkness in Light

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About Palm Sunday: Darkness in Light:

In the famous parable called the cave, the ancient philosopher, Plato gives us glimpses into a central dilemma of the human heart- we are light bearers who have grown accustom to the dark. The films, The Matrix, The Truman Show and TV series like ABC’s Once Upon a Time are modern attempts to deal with this phenomenon- so is CS Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.  We know there is something more out there but we have become accustom to the mundane aspect of human life. We want the ideal to break into the real- at least most of us do in some way. I recently peered in on a reality show about Home decorators. One judge said, if we could combine all of the contestants we would have the ideal designer. When we see Jesus, he is presenting not what is but what should be. He is a Kingly warrior capable of utterly destroying his enemy. But, he rides in on a donkey. As millions have discovered over the centuries, Jesus claims to be, and has been found to be, the ideal made real. The king we are looking for who can take us out of the darkness of our caves and bring us into the light of what we were designed for.

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