The Disciplined Life of the Leader

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About The Disciplined Life of the Leader:

Titus 1:1-16

I once thought that work was merely what people got paid for. If you weren’t getting paid, you weren’t working. As I have gathered knowledge in the Scripture, delved into the writings of the reformers, and exposed myself to a lot of clear biblical thinkers, I have come to the understanding that work is a way to use our capacity as God’s creatures.  To serve him and others in the ways we rearrange what he has set before us in creation, using our creative capacity to make “stuff” better- in service to Him and others! Likewise, there was a time when I thought that leadership was merely what bosses exercised over employees. If you were not a boss you were not a leader. Again, through the gathered wisdom of Scripture and the Church, I have come to understand that leadership is much more about how we steward the influence we have to help others and to honor God. Sure, much of our work gets rewarded with payment and many leaders are employers with employees under their charge. But, there is so much more to work and leadership that can be learned in God’s Word when we look deeper than mere paychecks and employers. This week we will look at how bishops, presbyters, students and employees can honor God and serve others as leaders who steward the influence they command. Join us!

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