The Soft Touch of God

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About The Soft Touch of God:

John 8:1-11

From God's hand of grace in coming to the aid of Adam and Eve to his patient grace in bringing restoration to Israel in the time of the exile, the Old Testament is awash in grace. So, it is not surprising when we turn to the New Testament and see the grace of Jesus in action in relation to sinners as God incarnate. There is perhaps, no other passage that so clearly speaks of grace as the wonderful, gentle way in which Jesus releases from judgement a woman caught in the act of adultery. In a world that is often permeated by harsh judgment and ruthless retaliation, scenes of grace seem to speak to a very deep place in the human heart, fulfilling a longing we all have to be forgiven and to forgive when there has been a wrong against us and when we have performed a wrong. Join us this Sunday as we explore the life of Jesus, his teachings, and the way his life of grace can bring healing and reconciliation to the areas of our life and work that are filled with conflict and diminishing. Invite a friend.


*Please note that due to recording trouble, the scripture reading is very quiet and the first minute of the sermon wasn't captured.

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