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When God Doesn't Show His Hand

June 14, 2015

John 7:16-44

If you received a certified letter in the mail claiming that you had won 10,000,000, would you dismiss it? You might doubt the claim. You might think it a scam or a prank. But, you would certainly look into the truth of it because if it were true, it could change your life forever.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes some incredible claims. We might even call them “10,000,000 dollar claims” because they demand verification. And, to make it even more compelling, millions have read John’s Gospel in the last 2 centuries and have found his claims to be credible. This Sunday we will look at the claims of Jesus and the implications that they make on our lives. Please join us and invite a friend.

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What the Sacrament of Communion Means

April 12, 2015

1 Corinthians 11:23-34

For centuries the church has upheld a three fold pattern of unity in the essentials, grace in the matters that are disputed and liberty in the things that do not matter. We will go to our death over the validity of the virgin birth and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Likewise, we will keep things like church furnishings and the use of a variety of instruments in worship as matters of liberty, refusing to make them matters of unity. But, in matters of dispute such as the nature of communion, baptism, women's ordination, and the order of the priesthood (deacon, priest, bishop), we need to exercise grace. However, this does not mean that communion is not important or that there are not perspectives that fall outside the lines of orthodoxy. This Sunday, will will take a look at the nature of communion and explain both why we do what we do and how it compares to other traditions. Join us. It matters.

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Summer Sabbatical Series: Andrew DeFusco

July 26, 2015

Join us this week as Rev. Andrew DeFusco preaches, from Mark 6:45-52,  and celebrates for us this Sunday.  The Rev. Andrew DeFusco is the Rector of St. Peter's Anglican Church in Butler, PA. He grew up in Oakland and has considered Church of the Ascension to be his church home for most of his life. He has always been excited about the Jonah's Call project and is delighted to be visiting us this week.

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How to Live in Eternity Today

May 10, 2015

John 6:25-365; 48-59

One of my personal heroes is the unconventional Cornish preacher and church planter, Billy Bray. A self proclaimed drunkard who was converted to Christianity in 1823, Bray was so convinced of his relationship to God that he earned the nickname, The King’s Son. Bray, like so many Christians over the past 2,000 years, had a deep and abiding sense that God not only died for him but also lived within him. And, that made him not just a man saved from sin but a man who lives as a son of God for eternity. Join us as we learn about what Jesus means when he says, “I am the bread of life” and how eating this bread can help us to live like sons and daughter of the King.

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What Makes a Good Life

July 17, 2016

John 13:31-38

This week Kevin Chung was with us. Kevin, who was our seminarian this past year and has finished his 2nd year at Trinity School for Ministry, will be preaching on John 13:31-38.  His focus will be on verses 34 and 35 - Love One Another, talking about the love in the culture God calls us to, and the stark contrast from our own culture. 

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The Meaning of Baptism: A New Covenant

May 01, 2016

Colossians 2:6-15

There really is no way to make sense of Baptism apart from an understanding of God’s covenants. Likewise, there is no way to make sense of infant baptism without placing it within the Bible’s covenant history. This sermon will look at the three prevalent views of Baptism and where Anglicans within the Reformation have viewed it.  Please note that the last portion of the sermon includes a Q&A session, unfortunately due to a technical error Pastor Jay's responses are very hard to hear.  We apologize for that and hope you are still able to take something away from it.

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The Boy Jesus Appears: Amazed by God

January 15, 2017

Luke 2:41-52

CS Lewis once said that “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” This week we will get a glimpse into the life of Jesus as a teenager, see the commonalities that we share in our humanity, wonder at the love that motivates God to befriend us, and discover ways that we can enter into the mysteries of the Divine. Join us as we continue to see ways that God has revealed himself to us in this special series. 

Jay Slocum Preaching

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Discipleship: Testimony Sunday God in the Places We Work, Rest, and Play

May 29, 2016

Titus 2: 1-9

This Sunday, we will hear testimony from Jeff VanderMolen, Curtis Grenier, Brooke Balliet & Mick VanNess with a focus on instances where God’s work in their lives is growing them as Disciples. Join us for Testimony Sunday.  

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Getting Back Your Life

March 08, 2015

Some people see potential in everything. They see possibilities where others stare blankly. These folks have the potential to be accomplished artists, entrepreneurs, even church planters. They have what experts call the natural gift of faith. Is this what the Bible means when it describes faith- people who are prone to see hidden things where others do not? Well, yes and no. Certainly faith includes being convinced that an unseen reality exists and believing it. So, yes, faith is believing that hidden things are real. However, the Bible does not ever describe faith as a personal trait that some have and others do not. Artists might be naturally prone to have faith because they can see hidden potential but the faith that the Bible describes is also available to scientists, accountants and day laborers. In fact, faith, according to Hebrews begins with our reason, whether we are artists or bookkeepers. Why? Because faith is about that which we are convinced is real even if we cannot see it. And, we all have faith in something. In the Book of John, we are given good reason to believe in things that have been hidden. The miracle of the healing in John 4:43-53 is one such case.

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Peter's Declaration about Jesus: Grace Revealed

January 29, 2017

Matthew 16:13-19

Gifted people are often unaware of how profound their gifts are and shocked when someone points out to them just how special they are. The amazing cook, for instance, tends to think that, “Anyone could have made that dish.” The soccer player with lightning fast reflexes and rhythmic coordination wonders what the big deal is in the midst of his practice. Those of us who have to work to make food taste good or who have to practice for hours to get our body to move a ball with our legs, know how hard it is. The gifted, however, think their proficiency is “normal” because it is a gift. Peter, disciple of Jesus, was gifted. In this sermon we explore the joy of receiving a gift and what it reveals about us and God.   

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