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The Smell of Life

October 18, 2015

John 11:38-57

The end of John 11 is very moving. It shows us how very close God is to our sorrow. He is close enough to examine our wounds, smell the stench of rotting humanity and to do something about it. When I read the end of John 11, I want Jesus in my life. Do you want him in your life?

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When God Looks you in the Eye

August 16, 2015

John 8:30-41

Jesus is really serious about bringing people freedom. In John 8 he says that if you know the Truth, it will set you free. I think we can all recognize that hiding from the truth or having the truth kept from us can cause us to become slave-like. And, Jesus' message, though an ancient one, is really important for us in the west because we value our freedom so much and yet we often do not experience lives that are "free" from day to day. This Sunday, we will hear what Jesus has to say about living lives where we are free instead of being folks locked up in the prison of untruth and how being people committed to a truth bigger than ourselves can be an incredibly attractive thing to those with whom we work and play. Join us and please invite a friend.


*Our apologies that we were unable to capture the full message, the recording begins a couple minutes into Jay's Sermon and excludes the reading.

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How to Read the Bible

April 19, 2015

John 5:31-47

Can the Bible, an ancient book full of Scriptures that unfold supernatural events from the parting of the Red Sea to the resurrection of Jesus, be true? Can the Bible, a book written over thousands of years by multiple people from varied cultures and perspective be trusted? At Jonah’s Call, we think the Bible is both true and trustworthy. By taking a look at how Jesus reads the bible in John 5, we will explore a Christian perspective on the authority, unity and power of the Bible.

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Counterfeit Gods: Why We Worship Idols and How to fix It

January 31, 2016

John 12:37-50

It is hard to fight back a desire to make good things everything to us. And, that is what makes idols so subtle and difficult to defeat for Christians. Most of the idols in our lives are not treacherous. They are things that are close to God’s heart. But, they are not God’s heart. And, we often worship them rather than God. This week, we will work on how to ID idols, how to turn from idols and how to regain our footing in worshipping the God who alone can bring us delight.

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The Greatest Thing: How Love Makes the World Work

February 14, 2016

John 13-21-38

The greatest thing is… money, fame, power, popularity, pleasure. No, Jesus tells us it is love. But, he does not mean a sentimental feeling. He means something even more wonderful and great. Join us as we look at the power of love in the ministry and teaching of Jesus Christ.

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New Birth: How the Holy Spirit Makes Us New Creatures

March 13, 2016

John 16:12-32

Before John introduces the last day of Jesus’ life (the Passion), we are given a glimpse into the final words of instruction that Jesus gives to his closest followers. His promise to them is that God’s Spirit will indwell them, making them a new creation or, born again. Rather than being a kind of Christian ( a born again), Jesus shows us in this passage that every Christian is a born again Christian who is given the gift of the Holy Spirit and a new life. This sermon will explore God’s plan to give each of us a new life by allowing his Spirit to live within us.

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August 14, 2016

Psalm 139:1-24

Personhood is the most disputed topic in America. It is in the headlines everyday and on the lips of nearly every American everyday of every year. Understanding or not understanding personhood consumes a massive amount of space in the lives of those under the age of 40. Christians under 20 are faced with challenges around the issue of personhood that are unprecedented. The contest around what it means to be a person may be the issue that moves Christianity in the late modern age from being largely ignored by secular society to being hated, vilified and eventually physically persecuted. From abortion to birth control, identity politics to kindergarten bathrooms, how we view the human person is a HUGE issue that must be addressed by the Church.

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Summer Sabbatical Series: Tracey Russell

July 12, 2015

This week Rev. Tracey Russell will be joining us as both preacher and Celebrant as we continue in our Summer Sabbatical Series.Though her plan in life was to become a midwife, God had different ideas, and Tracey has now been a youth pastor for 13 years, a priest for 5 years and a Mom for 21 years.  She and her husband Jamey, who is also a priest, were on the leadership of Seeds of Hope church  before being brought onto the staff of Christ Church Fox Chapel.  Tracey is the youth pastor at CCFC, as well as the lead pastor for their church planting effort called: " I (heart) Blawnox."  Tracey first met Jay and Catherine at Trinity School for Ministry-it was Tracey and Jamey's first year, and Jay and Catherine's last.  Tracey and Jamey are trying hard to make a positive contribution to Geek culture by raising their five children to appreciate D&D, Chess, Christian Manga and obscure Anime. They live in Bloomfield with a menagerie of pets including their new puppy, a Corgi named Ein.Join us this week as Tracey preaches on Isaiah 43:1-21 and invite a friend

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November 20, 2016

Psalm 112:1-10

It seems from even the most shallow reading of Scripture that God is a lavishly generous God (for God so loved the world that he gave) giving to us from the very center of his heart throughout the ages. It is no surprise, therefore, that when the Psalmist reflects upon the righteous of God who delight in copying God, as those made in his very image, that one of their chief characteristics would be that of generosity- towards friends, the poor, and toward God himself. As we reflect upon the Gospel within the Psalms, this sermon will bring out the way generosity brings healing to human hurts and flourishing to humankind.

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Jesus Son of Joseph, Son of David, Son of Jesse

December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

Luke 2:1-21

Have you ever considered what it has taken for God to succeed in bringing His Church into existence? For sure when considering an answer, the average Christian is going to go to the cross and point out that the death of Christ is a staggering cost to bring the race from cosmic estrangement to being called the family of God. And for sure, we ought to go to the cross when considering the cost God had to pay to form His church. But going to the cross without considering the massive steps that lead to this world-changing event is kind of like attending the funeral of a man with 30 grand children and not recognizing that he was a married man with a family- something is missing. 

When we trace the roots of the nation of Israel, from Abraham to Moses, from Joshua to the Judges, from Saul to David, from the Kings to the prophets, and from the exile to the birth of Christ laying in a manger, we get a rich view of salvation history that can help us to see how very tenacious the Living God is and the extent to which His love has spanned the centuries in order to secure a family. That makes the cross a wonder to behold and the empty tomb a staggering triumph.

Join us this Advent as we look back into the Bible to trace the promise of Jesus, The Righteous Branch.

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