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The Whole Bible in 30 Minutes: Making All Things New

April 24, 2016

Revelations 21:1-11

Periodically, Jonah’s Call reviews the whole Bible. It is an important thing to rehearse because the book holds together a grand story, a met a-narrative, that gives our life meaning. It tells us where we came from, what went wrong, how God fixes it, and where we are going. With the theme of God desiring to “make all things new” from genesis to revelation, we will encounter the whole Bible together in 30 minutes. 

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The Lord is My Shepherd

September 13, 2015

John 10:1-18


There is no account of a temptation in the wilderness in the Gospel of John. However, in chapter 10, Jesus gets very explicit about a supernatural enemy and makes it clear that his mission as God incarnate is to rescue sheep from the mouth of the wolf. Without looking for a devil behind every tree, are you still taking seriously the fight that happening in the heavens for the soul of man? Please join us and invite a friend.

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He is Unbreakable

September 27, 2015

John 10:32-42

CS Lewis famously said that you can’t take Jesus merely as some gentle teacher of good moral principles. He is either Lord, a lunatic, or liar. This passage is a classic example of Jesus’ absolute certainty that he is God. Are we ready to worship him or reject him or do we just treat him like a nice example of a moral teacher? Join us this week at Matthew Whipple preaches and invite a friend.


*A video clip is used during the sermon, if you would like to view the clip please visit

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How Grace Works

May 17, 2015

John 6:36-47

The Anglican tradition has an old saying that goes something like this: Unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials and charity in both. Whether you like root beer or sparkling water is a matter of liberty. Whether you believe that we are saved by grace is a matter of unity. Root Beer is a non-essential; grace is at the essence of what it means to be a Christian. Join us as we peer into the teaching of Jesus and his demand for unity in the essential doctrine of Grace in the life of the Christian believer.



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Summer Sabbatical Series: Matthew Whipple

July 19, 2015

Nearly 3,000 years ago, a man named Eli served as High Priest for God's people, the Israelites.  He was not a great man, and no one would place him in the faith "Hall of Fame."  Yet, in the few short chapters where he appears in the book of First Samuel, he displays a radical willingness to accept God's sovereignty, even when that meant great suffering for both himself and his family.  Come join us on Sunday to learn what a very flawed man can teach us about turning to God in times of hardship.  Join us this week as Matthew Whipple preaches from 1 Samuel 3:1-18 and invite a friend.

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Summer Sabbatical Series: Daniel Behrens

July 05, 2015

Mark 6:1-13

Every Gospel writer has a distinct style and emphasis. Luke is a master storyteller. Matthew is a master apologist. John is a masterful theologian. And different. Mark's account has the eloquence of a machine gun. Mark tells the story of Jesus with an air of mystery and wonder. Jesus uses few words and works many miracles, leaving those around him asking each other questions like, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?" (Mark 4:41). On Sunday we will see what happens when Jesus comes to his hometown and begins teaching the people who watched him grow up, and we will ask how this story could possibly be good news for us today. 

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Transcending Chaos: Testimony Sundy

October 25, 2015

Psalms 56

The sea represented Utter Chaos in the ancient world.  Other near-East religions account gods battling the sea (Yam, TiamatApepVritraTyphon, etc.).  Christian Scripture accounts Christ not battling, but walking on the sea: transcending it, commanding it, and calling us to do the same.  Likewise, David juxtaposes his relationship of utter chaos in the world with confident tranquility in his God.  Join us as we explore the continuing work of our chaos-transcending God in our seminarian's life, Kevin Chung, on testimony Sunday.

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Jubilee Sermon Series: Shalom

November 15, 2015

Matthew 25:31-46

When God placed Adam and Eve in the garden, his goal for humanity was to have mankind offer his work in service to others as service to God. Our individual work matters. But, Adam alone in a garden would not make a city. Instead, it was God’s intention in the beginning to interweave His work with ours so that the world would flourish. The biblical word we use to describe this reality is shalom or peace. And, rather than “peace” being a word of resigned tolerance, biblical peace connotes God’s ideal for how we steward our combined work as creatures made in his image. The parable of the sheep and the goats contrasts how our work will be judged by Jesus as either work done in service to others as service unto God or our work done in service unto ourselves.

This week's film will unravel the intricate beauty of how God’s plan for the world can be seen in a couple making a simple sandwich as work done in service to others as service unto God. View the video here:

*Please note this week's recording only includes the sermon, not the audio for the film or the scripture reading due to minor technical difficulties.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Son of God

November 27, 2016

Matthew 1:18-25

Moms and dads have a special privilege in being able to name their children. We will name her…. In the coming of Christ, we see a unique occurrence. Jesus Christ is given his name by his father in heaven. And, this name was promised long ago. In this sermon designed for both young and old, we see the power of God in giving us his child to free us from bondage and to free us to love as we were meant to love. 

Jay Slocum Preaching


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Community: Testimony Sunday

August 28, 2016

Hebrews 10:19-25 

One of the greatest cravings of our everchanging world is to experience true community. We may be more connected than ever through our phones and tech devices, but we are arguably more lonely than those living in less turbulent times. The Church always has been and always will be a haven for powerful community due to its ability to draw diverse groups together around the perfect person of Jesus and the reconciliation that he offers to us through his life, death, resurrection and rule. Join us this week as we have the testimony of Benjamin Sutfin, a newer member to Jonah's Call.

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