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Community: Testimony Sunday

August 28, 2016

Hebrews 10:19-25 

One of the greatest cravings of our everchanging world is to experience true community. We may be more connected than ever through our phones and tech devices, but we are arguably more lonely than those living in less turbulent times. The Church always has been and always will be a haven for powerful community due to its ability to draw diverse groups together around the perfect person of Jesus and the reconciliation that he offers to us through his life, death, resurrection and rule. Join us this week as we have the testimony of Benjamin Sutfin, a newer member to Jonah's Call.

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The God Who Suffers

October 11, 2015

John 11:17-37

At the end of John’s Gospel, he tells us that Jesus did so many miraculous things that it would be too hard to fit them into a book. John is really specific about the miracles he includes in his Gospel. And, he places the death and resurrection of Lazarus in the very center of the book. Yes, he let Lazarus die. But, he did it to show the world what he can do with death- overpower it! Further, this death and resurrection is not the centerpiece of Jesus’ ministry. There will be another death and this time it will be God allowing Jesus to die instead of rescuing him from the cross. Why? To show his power over death and God’s desire to bring new life to man.

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Jubilee Sermon Series: Shabbat

November 22, 2015

Matthew 12:1-13

From the composition of songs to the food we create, rest is a requirement for a good life. We rest the land and it flourishes. We rest our bodies and they thrive. In Matthew 12, Jesus declares that he is the Lord of the Sabbath; then he heals someone. Further, according to the Bible, and common sense, true rest is not just a private affair. Instead, it requires the consent of a whole society and is therefore commanded in the law as a basic moral requirement for all mankind.

In this week's film we will explore the need to include rest both in the music we love and within the relationships we love, we will discover that the Sabbath day is a moral requirement that we should love and embrace as a way of bringing healing into the world.  View the video here:

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December 27, 2015

Join us this week at Matthew Whipple preaches on Luke 1:26-45.  

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Bishop's Visit - Confirmation

June 07, 2015

John 3:1-17

Be sure to be a part of our Sunday worship this week as we welcome Bishop Duncan. He will be confirming 8 members of our church and will preach and celebrate. 

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Summer Sabbatical Series: Matthew Whipple

June 28, 2015

1 Corinithians 1:18-31

This week starts our Summer Sabbatical Series which will continue for the next six weeks while Jay and his family are on Sabbatical.  During this time we will have guest preachers and celebrants.  These individuals have been chosen by Jay and Catherine and we look forward to sitting under their teaching, to hear how the Lord is speaking to them.

This week Matthew Whipple will be starting us off, preaching on 1 Corinthians 1:18-31.  Please join us through this series and invite a friend.

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Sabbatical Series: Rev. Jonathan Millard

July 31, 2016

Romans 8:26-39

Rev. Jonathan Millard is the Rector of Church of the Ascension and we are excited to welcome him to Jonah's Call.  Jonathan has been at Ascension since 2004 and was previously Rector of Trinity in Washington PA and also Church Stretton in Shropshire England, his home country.   He has a background in Law and Theology and was ordained in 1992.  Jonathan will conclude our Sabbatical Series, as Jay and Catherine will be returning next week, preaching on the passage Romans 8:26-39.  

Listen   25:19

Jubilee Sermon Series: Shekel, Shalom, Shabot

November 01, 2015

Luke 4:14-30

In the Old Testament, God presented His people with the Jubilee. It was a set of practices designed to correct the effects of the fall by allowing the Israelites to recover from financial loss, relational breakdown, and exhaustion. Tragically, because of their waywardness, the Jubilee of God remained largely just a concept in the Old Testament. But, Jubilee is still a vital element of God’s story because in the coming of Christ, it was finally put into effect. In fact, the whole New Testament is chock full of examples of the ways in which Christ’s death, resurrection and ascension reverse the effects of the fall, especially in the ways we deal with our money, our relationships and our rest. The Jubilee of God allows us to work toward the way things should be rather than being resigned to the way things are.

Please consider filling out the survey mentioned in the first couple minutes of the sermon by following this link,


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The Value of the Majestic: Why We Must Worship

January 17, 2016

John 12: 12-19

CS Lewis, In his book The Problem of Pain said, “A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.” Some realities are just too obvious such as the Sun and God. And yet, we attempt to cover them up in moments of lunacy. Yet, if we are true to ourselves, or if the Holy Spirit is upon, we must acknowledge that we crave worship as a central part of who we are as humans. Why, because He is worthy of it as our God and King. Join us this Sunday as we delve into the value of majesty and its role in helping us to worship our true God and King.

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The Hope of The Righteous Branch

December 13, 2015

Jeremiah 29:1-14

Have you ever considered what it has taken for God to succeed in bringing His Church into existence? For sure when considering an answer, the average Christian is going to go to the cross and point out that the death of Christ is a staggering cost to bring the race from cosmic estrangement to being called the family of God. And for sure, we ought to go to the cross when considering the cost God had to pay to form His church. But going to the cross without considering the massive steps that lead to this world-changing event is kind of like attending the funeral of a man with 30 grand children and not recognizing that he was a married man with a family- something is missing.

When we trace the roots of the nation of Israel, from Abraham to Moses, from Joshua to the Judges, from Saul to David, from the Kings to the prophets, and from the exile to the birth of Christ laying in a manger, we get a rich view of salvation history that can help us to see how very tenacious the Living God is and the extent to which His love has spanned the centuries in order to secure a family. That makes the cross a wonder to behold and the empty tomb a staggering triumph.

Join us this Advent as we look back into the Bible to trace the promise of Jesus, The Righteous Branch


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