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feed_small_icon email2 King Felix Bio - King Felix loves to make music that houses/emphasizes all feelings and emotions that people have. We aim to create nostalgia like melodies and leads along with some phat bass to give it the right edge. King Felix also features several acoustical elements and instruments such as: violins, piano, and vocoders. We believe this human element really enhances electronic music and gives it that "live" or "real" feeling so many people crave in electronic music. This live element carries over into our live shows as well. King Felix loves its fans and we aim to deliver a show that is fun and entertaining. We play live synths, vocoders, violins, piano, sing and use midi controllers in new and entertaining ways. We want to help the audience forget about their daily lives and have a good old time when they see King Felix. We LOVE to create Electronic music that changes and breaks the boundaries of stereotypical electronic music genres. When we write hip-hop, electro, house, Glitch, Trap, Minimal, tech, Dub, Chill, or any type of EDM; we give it that King Felix Flare!!!1

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