King Zebra

King Zebra

It’s been quiet a while since a crazy kid called Chip Leather met his friend Sacks Luther for a fun game called „Drink it or suck it“. They both were crazy ass musicians but spent most of their time with interests in brasilian body hair removal. In 2009 they decided to form the band King Zebra with just one goal. To get more groupies than any other band. At this time Chip played a double neck guitar although one neck was just made of apples and japanese newspaper. Sacks spent a trillion dollars to buy a drum set made of the most expensive stuff on earth and built from Mike Tyson. Sacks is richer than a jewish coin dealer! While looking for a bass player a guy called To Bola showed up. He had absolutely no skills but serious muscles. He immediately joined the band. An old Russian friend of Sacks and Chip, Billy Igor became the lead singer in summer 2009. After the first recording session at the Tonmanufaktur studio in Zurich where the world hit „Glamrock City“ was born, Billy Igor quit the band to become a crack cook in Fresno. While looking for a new lead singer To Bola got into the game of Spoople and started to get so boring we had to kick him out of the band. All of a sudden there was Michael Jack Pot. This crazy kid was full of energy and good vibes. After a diet and some work out lessons, Michael joined the band in late summer 2010 although he seemed a little weird. The hunt for a lead singer wasn’t easy until there was Jibby James. A blessed scat singer from the early 30ies. Jibby James is still a good fellow. Unfortunately he enjoyed his life as a Rockstar a little too much. He had to quit the band after a couple of days because of his 13 children from 14 chicks. Get well soon Jibby! Finally we found him. This guy is nuts. Tom Hoochy Coo from the former Band The Dizzys was the man we wanted. He’s a little fat but never mind. So Hoochy became the lead singer of King Zebra and we started kicking butts in January 2012. Hoochy, Chip, Mike and Sacks. FUCK YEAHHH!

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