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I live in a small artist's community along the California Coast. Back in the 80's I was a session musician and worked the LA area studio circuit and some stuff on the east coast too. My primary instrument is the electronic keyboard. My secondary instrument is the guitar. I like the keyboard because its possibilities are endless. My favorite artists are Kieth Emerson, and David Paich. David is an absolute genius when it comes to creativity. You would probably never know it, but if you have listened to FM radio at all within the past 10 years (who hasn't!) then you have heard dozens of his creations he has written. Kieth Emerson I can say after meeting him is a funny guy actually but most of all has incredible physical affluence on the keyboard. The only person I have seen play things with grace in his style that are seemingly impossible to pull off physically. Although it may be too intense for most people, have a listen to the tune called Tarkus, and then Take A Pebble by ELP Someday, I will publish my rendition of Take A Pebble, but I am a perfectionist, so it may take some time until I believe it is worth of your ears.

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