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Episode XLIII - Spellbinding!

July 28, 2015

We literally spend the whole episode talking about things to watch and maybe not watch. We have a brief Cameo from Harrison Ford before we dive into our much anticipated Ant-Man review! (which may contain traces of spoilers) Also, a doc called Lost Soul and X-Men Rogue Cut or whatever.

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Episode XLII - Speaking of Robots...

July 21, 2015

We literally don't review Ant-Man, but there is a bit of talk about movies we don't really want to see. After a brief traffic update, ABBA comes up as well as a Rush concert with some encounters in Vancouver, Rocket League, Amazon orders, Marvel Zombies and whatever else.

You guys, this one's grate.

Listen   64:40

Episode XLI - Discount Harrison Ford

July 14, 2015

This week we literally give a post Comic-Con report after not having been there! We talk Star Wars, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and Batman Vee Superman. We also dream up the Jurassic Universe movie. It's real treat!

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Episode XL - Pineapple Lollies

July 07, 2015

We literally have a guest from the future this week! Joining us all the way from Australia is friend of the show and composer Michael Howes! There's talk of a Bicentennial Man future, The yellow flavor situation, the people's Bane, Aussie talk, possible merch and whatever!Sorry for some of the poor audio quality, but as a returning theme - technology hates me.

Listen   70:46

Episode XXXIX - Drive By High-Five

June 30, 2015

This episode is literally packed with Batman discussion! We chat about the Arkham series, the 60's movie and whatever. Also, we're on the verge of mid-life podcast crisis, Denton shares some social encounters, Cam becomes a 'bladeologist'; there's outdoor movies and a handsome gorilla.

Listen   63:18

Episode XXXVIII - Bad Bombin'

June 23, 2015

This week we literally discuss a hit show on HBO, Our thoughts on E3 and videogame DLC. There's a story about a dude riding a ghost bike, Smash Mouth are still a thing, Anakin gets arrested, and a guide to avoiding lightning... featuring Liam Neeson. Whatever guys, this one is so wizard!

Listen   68:43

Episode XXXVII - Jurassic Grievances

June 16, 2015

It's literally and extended episode as we tear apart Jurassic World like a squardron of raptors. Before we dive in, therre's a chat about 7 Fast, 7 Furious and some great 'freak' stories are exchanged.

Spoilers for JW start at 42:15

Listen   81:54

Episode XXXVI - Ex Maskina

June 09, 2015

There's literally a few audio glitches but whatever! In this episode, Denton doesn't get Ex Machina and Cam really like's Ghost's new music. Also, Larry David monkey, farmers market and much discussion about Canadian bands.

Listen   69:56

Episode XXXV - Two Face

June 02, 2015

This episode is literally different than any other we've done before. A technical issue has forced us to record seperatwe halves! Denton talks about the end of the world via apes and robots whilst Cam discusses the situation and mostly movies.

A podcast divided against itself cannot stand!

Listen   71:12

Episode XXXIV - Doom Buggy

May 26, 2015

It's literally been an age, but we're back! We discuss a concert in Vancouver, eating too much poutine, a front row bro at the theater, novelizations of movies, and a whale tale! We also discuss Mad Max Fury Road, Kingsmen, Ex-Machina, and of course Star Wars!


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