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Episode XXXIII - Age of Alzheimers

May 12, 2015

We literally forget what episode we're on in this Marvel-centric spectacular! There are some major spoilers for Avengers Age of Ultron, so if you haven't seen it, do that first! Along the way we discuss lazer-wolves, Planet of the Apes, Godzilla and whatever else!

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Episode XXXII - John Barkington

May 05, 2015

It's literally our most politically charged show yet! There's an election in Alberta, Denton becomes Mayor of Underground City, and we choose our ideal candidate for governor or senator or whatever. PLUS - Beach story, a Friends update, New movie - Jurassic Universe, the buffet reach-across, AVENGERS and so much more!

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Episode XXXI - Taiwanese

April 28, 2015

This week Denton literally has hurt feelings about Game of Thrones and, you guessed it, twitter. We discover the trend of Taiwanese pet grooming and chat about about silly music videos, Daredevil, Comedy, directing a grad class, bad movie marketing, and whatever else!

Now a part of!

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Episode XXX - Apple Sandwich

April 21, 2015

 In this week's special extended 30'th episode edition, we literally sit down with THE James of Grimwood (and soon to be Motorskillz) fame to divulge a myriad of topics. Theres talk about numbers, youtube comments, bad hashtags, Star Wars Celebration, temples of the space lords, bigfoot bait, meat crimes and whatever else! Also we answer the question of the Titanic - What really happened?

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Episode XXIX - Brag Fund

April 14, 2015

Things are literally back to normal in Whatever land! We start off with a smudged webcam and divulge how this week's follower would be listening. There are tales of T-Rexs at Tyrell Museum, shitty chicken, kids making sandwiches, the ongoing twitter debate and more! Denton has a moment alone with the listeners before discussing Chaotic "strutegies"

This one's Fast AND Furious!

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Episode XXVIII - Existential Twitter Crisis

April 07, 2015

We're literally on locations for this one folks! Along with friend of the show and composer Michael Howes, we talk about Target's amazing selection of salt,  Darcy Collin's budding comedy career, Interstellar commentary, poacher poaching, real life superheroes, a hashtag truck decal, Rachel's trip home, The Chaotic  game, and a two (THAT'S TWO!) part Bazaar story. Denton eat's his balls on a politcal joke and we discuss who will be the head tweeter for the show. The serious topic this week is "What console has the best plug-ins?" Listen, just watch it, o.k.?

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Episode XXVII - Patio Liar

March 31, 2015

, If you like music and movies, this is literally the episode for you! We talk about Megadeth, the new season of Trailer Park Boys, the formation of our new super group, Taylor Swift again, Kim Mitchell's fraudulent song, some Netflix  pix, an Indiana Jones exhibit, the concept of  "band cover" and the serious matter of inviting yourself to events.

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Episode XXVI - Black Face Hands

March 24, 2015

Literally late but, Whatever! Cameron tells the tale of  his St. Patrick's Day shannanigans/ tragedy. Also discussed: A Jimi Hendrix biopic with a bit of a twist, guitars, a relook at a terrible robot movie, and Friends super-fan Cam critques the series once again.

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Episode XXV - Paul... Reiser?

March 17, 2015

We're literally still alive at 25! Another monumental episode as we continue to figure out a way to receive our $100,000.00 A new segment is proposed and the highly anticipated reviews of Chappie and Whiplash are in! Along the way there's International Men's Day, Spider-Man 3 the game, Eiffel 65 biopic, an old gig story and whatever else!

Party all the time and follow us on twitter - @litwhat

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Episode XXIV - Birthday Blue Balls

March 10, 2015

It's literally a jam packed episode as we discuss Denton's birthday week filled with pancakes and swag that weren't for him. Also on the menu; almost a review of Whiplash, feeding squirrels, witch camp, a celebrity plane crash and whatever else! Handsome Jack checks in, and we ask an important question - Should Star Wars be brought up on a date?

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