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Episode XXIII - Batman's Bus Fare

March 03, 2015

It's literally back to basics. Denton further investigates the "Friends situation" from last week and we discuss the Oscars, drums, Power Rangers, airport shit, accidental mountain climbing, scare seals and whatever else. Plus, Batman Forever life lessons and a new villain is created!

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Episode XXII - LIVE at Swan's Pub & Eatery

February 24, 2015

It's literally record breaking history as Cam and Denton record their first ever live and sold out show! From the heart of downtown Victoria, hear amazing stories about a band called Grimwood, Hawaiian revenge ghosts, bad video games, eating before eating and whatever! Plus, Denton recites a poem and live tweets Taylor Swift. It's all right here!

Big thanks to those who came out! Extra special thanks to Larsen Music & Swan's Brewpub!

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Episode XXI - TeknöKinesis

February 10, 2015

In this hundred thousand dollar episode, we literally learn about Cameron's newly discovered mind powers and Denton's wish to be immortalized in a Taylor Swift break-up song. Along the way, our heroes discuss Nigerian fans, an 80th anniversary, Spartacus, Alien, a 90s pop combo, fighting 3D movies, the Red Skull man and whatever else!


Make purpose and listen to thine Podious Castious!

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Episode XX - That's An 80's Baboon

February 03, 2015

It's literally a milestone as we've reached our 20th episode! We discuss starting a Ninja segment, reading at Starbucks, wine tasting, the Superbowl, TUSK and The Fly. There was also a time traveling Eddie Vedder, our thoughts on social media and one more Batman Forever reference to add to the pile. 

Denton sound's like he's on a cell phone but whatever

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Episode XIX - Zero Seconds To Mars

January 27, 2015

Get your ass to Mars, literally! This week we chat about Denton's impending trip to Victoria, travel agents, Comedy night, watching an arrest, weird truck graffiti, Mars colonization, locked car keys and whatever

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Episode XVIII - Freak Broccoli

January 20, 2015

It's literally our "cutest" episode yet! We dive right into some hard hitting topics such as freaks, birthdays, cape burning, Batman - the next Disney princess, stick figure family stickers and whatever else! Some swole hooligans join the show to chat about the fights, being drunk and what's real. Stick around for the triumphant return of the quiz, where we learn what 80's metal band we should be in!

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Episode XVII - Bored Games

January 13, 2015

It's literally that time of the week once again! Tales of witch lessons, Imax, board games, Ant Man, The Interview, comedy night with a hammered woman, Spider-Man costume, and whatever! We also discuss the question: Coffee shop - should you read in one? Plus, Michael Douglas kind of makes a Cameo!

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Episode XVI - Curly Fry Crisis

January 06, 2015

We're literally back and rustier than ever! It's the first show of the new year, and after a week off we were looking forward to getting back in the game... and only a little unprepared for it. We ramble about resolutions, new pants at a hockey game, an encounter at Chapters, missed Christmas misadventures, Blood of Heroes, and whatever! Plus, Mark Wahlberg makes a Cameo to gives us suggestions.

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Episode XV - Merry Whatever

December 23, 2014

Seasons greetings, Whatevsters! It's literally our last episode of the year! You don't want to miss out on such an educational show... There's Cards Against Humanity, accidental chemistry, the shark haircut, witch lore, apple cider, rage quitting knitting, public chainmail, New Year's party pressure, 90's music and whatever else!

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Episode XIV - Million Dollar Pies

December 16, 2014

We literally cover a million miles of topics in this silver medal episode! Some of which include: 12 items or less lanes, provincial drinking differences, Festivus, Cheap Trick's cheap trick, Bojack Horsemen, pie slinging secrets, Power Ranger drinking glasses, Catan cowardess, Harry Potter black metal, Christmas card protocol, and whatever else! 

Bonesaw is ready for this podcast!

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