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Episode I - "Airdrie"

September 16, 2014

Our first released episode! We literally discuss things such as people singing in public, mustaches, festivals, Lurtz, and, well... whatever!

Listen   55:55

Episode II - These Pretzels Are Making Me Stutter

September 23, 2014

Join our compelling conversation as we literally discuss accidental art exhibits, Transformers failure, Oktoberfest adventures, Walmart whimsy, and... whatever!

Listen   57:35

Episode III - Handsome Jack

September 30, 2014

After mourning the loss of the original intro to this episode, things pick up in a hilarious way when we literally discuss a White Lion cover band, Victoria's "best" guitarist, finding Denton's 'spirit animal', Humpty Dumpty: The Movie, LARPing, and... whatever!

Listen   65:50

Episode IV - Baller's Blend

October 07, 2014

You've heard of a twist ending - This week we have a twist beginning as we bring in a surpsise gest for an action packed episode! We literally chat for an hour about nicknames, bad small talk, puddin' parties, a horse show, "Cornered Square", more movie ideas, shark shirts and whatever else! We also find out just how hardcore Denton really is... 

Listen   64:22

Episode V - The Autumn Strikes Back

October 14, 2014

This episode literally takes a turn to the "dark side" of microphone quality, as Cam is left stranded on an island without good equipment. If you make it through the Batman and Star Wars nerd ranting, we share some good stories about pocket beer, street bibles, more (not great) movie ideas and whatever! Plus, Denton takes the ultimate test...

Listen   60:04

Episode VI - We Podcast With The Fire

October 21, 2014

In this exciting episode, we literally discuss who was lurking in the shadows at a field hockey game, gift wrapping skills, Logan's Run fun, another Star Wars rant, and.. whatever else! To top it all off, we learn what type of music DW is, and how YOU could win a prize by listening!

Listen   57:44

Episode VII - Prior Ghost Experience

October 28, 2014

In our Halloween Extravoganza episode, DW is surprized by special guest and "intellectual adversary" Erin Wood. We literally learn about the Brooklyn puppet scene, hauntings, the Jurassic Park "code" and what(ever) Denton's Halloween costume should be! Couple jokes and haunted house stories thrown in - boom - you got a podcast!

Listen   67:47

Episode VIII - Ice To Meet You

November 04, 2014

It actually happened... We watched Frozen. Hear our thoughts (and pens clicking) on the mega hit movie. Along the way, we literally discuss a friend featured in a film, our hate for the Wonder Twins and discover the answer to Denton's greatest secret yet! Whatever, yo! 

Listen   54:55

Episode IX - Mr. Terwillegar's Advanced Algebra

November 11, 2014

"We're out of the game..." Not! This week is literally a laugh riot when we talk about missing a Ghost Festival which results in a table flip and repressed Robocop memories. You will also learn about the "use" for carrots, hitmen coming out of retirement and how old Denton's soul is. Whatever are you waiting for? Dive in!

Listen   64:46

Episode X - Theatre-Grade Peas

November 18, 2014

This week, we literally dive right into some pizza problems, tales of Spanish steel, a little bit of Birdman and more! Plus we uncover yet another great mystery about Denton Walker. We've made it to 10 folks, and truly appreciate our listeners doing whatever they can to spread the word! Go team! 

Listen   59:24

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