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Episode LXIII - Instant Bread

December 23, 2015

Spoilers! There is conflict in the minds of LITERALLY WHATEVER, as they have mistaken the episode number with no realization. A time for peace is finally among our heroes since THE FORCE AWAKENS has been released on the Earth system. This film could be the key to restoring order and putting an end to the dark times of STAR WARS for good...

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Episode LXII - He Is Horse

December 08, 2015

We literally kick it off with made up OCD podcasting. A bit of a review on Creed (the movie) before we go full swing into the Batman V Superman trailer. Did we like it?.. find out!

Also, Marvel movie talk!

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Episode LVI - The Phantom Phantom Menace

October 27, 2015

Guess what... it's literally a Star Wars extravoganza! We talk about the new trailer with some speculation, advanced tickets, and some re-imagining of the prequel trilogy! Also, some followup on the recent election or whatever.

May this podcast be with you... always.

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Episode LXI - Car Character Assassins

December 01, 2015

There's literally a lot of talk about movies this week. Hollywood, take note. We have ideas!

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Episode XXII - LIVE at Swan's Pub & Eatery

February 24, 2015

It's literally record breaking history as Cam and Denton record their first ever live and sold out show! From the heart of downtown Victoria, hear amazing stories about a band called Grimwood, Hawaiian revenge ghosts, bad video games, eating before eating and whatever! Plus, Denton recites a poem and live tweets Taylor Swift. It's all right here!

Big thanks to those who came out! Extra special thanks to Larsen Music & Swan's Brewpub!

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Episode XXX - Apple Sandwich

April 21, 2015

 In this week's special extended 30'th episode edition, we literally sit down with THE James of Grimwood (and soon to be Motorskillz) fame to divulge a myriad of topics. Theres talk about numbers, youtube comments, bad hashtags, Star Wars Celebration, temples of the space lords, bigfoot bait, meat crimes and whatever else! Also we answer the question of the Titanic - What really happened?

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Episode LIX - Tickothy Tockman

November 17, 2015

We literally launch right into some more techno hauntings before chatting about The Flash and DC supervillains! There's some followbait frusteration, rap battle prep and whatever else.


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Episode LIV - Turkey Blu-Ray

October 13, 2015

This week, we literally advise against putting poultry into a computer. We touch briefly on Canadian Thanksgiving, The Martian, New Mexico, a potential feud with a former guest and whatever. else The Main course is some details about Star Wars Battlefront... If it's not enough listening to the whole episode, just wait until the end!

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Episode LVIII - Camera Wizard

November 10, 2015

It's literally a wide range of topics this week including a comedy show outing, a missed commercial opportunity, discussion of the new James Bond film Spectre, Leo in Victoria, video game movies and whatever else!

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Episode XXIV - Birthday Blue Balls

March 10, 2015

It's literally a jam packed episode as we discuss Denton's birthday week filled with pancakes and swag that weren't for him. Also on the menu; almost a review of Whiplash, feeding squirrels, witch camp, a celebrity plane crash and whatever else! Handsome Jack checks in, and we ask an important question - Should Star Wars be brought up on a date?

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