The Longest Album Review

The Longest Album Review

I listen to and review Nickelback's 2005 album "All The Right Reasons" once a week for 52 weeks (if I make it).

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Week 16: Magic Death Numbers and "Savin' Me"

June 08, 2015
Listen   14:52

Week 15: NickelChat

June 02, 2015
Listen   10:44

Week 14: Customer Service Representative

May 18, 2015

05-23-2015: Klay joins the podcast and we call up Walmart and Target to see what they thinkin’ about Nickelback. Length: 26.59.

Listen   26:59

Week 13: Kjetil, X-Files, 9/11

May 17, 2015

05-17-2015: Kjetil joins my in my bedroom studio and he just didn’t care for the album. We also talk conspiracy theories and 9/11, a non-conspiracy theory that’s just fact. We’re onto some stuff. Length: 32:34.

Listen   32:34

Week 12: Walking and talking about running

May 11, 2015

05-04-2015: I walk to get some pizza and talk about how Nickelback works as a running soundtrack. Length: 11:02.

Listen   10:45

Week 11: Joey's head and what's on it

May 04, 2015

05-04-2015: Breaking down the video for “Photograph.” Length: 25:21.

Listen   25:21

Week 10 - Broadening frameworks

April 26, 2015

04-19-2015: I’m too busy to be doing this right now, so I keep it short and talk about acceptance, in music and in life. Length: 8:10.

Listen   8:11

Week 9 - Pop music and Kegan ZEMA

April 19, 2015

04-19-2015: I catch up with my former editor Kegan Zema and we talk about Nickelback in a pop music context. Check out Kegan’s new EP, “One More Year” by ZEMA, on Spotify, since it’s preeetty killer. Length: 21:25.

Listen   21:27

Week 8 - Alternate Tracklist

April 12, 2015

A cold-afflicted Derrick makes it quick and discusses an alternate tracklist for All The Right Reasons.

Listen   10:59

Week 7 - Klay and Chad Kroeger's Intelligence

April 03, 2015

04-03-2015: Klay joins the podcast, and he did his homework. We discuss bathroom architecture and Chad Kroeger’s intelligence. Length: 18:59.

Listen   18:59

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