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Lost Property
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Lost Property is a podcast of loose bits, odds and sods, knick knacks of the internet and a whole lot more. How much more? Listen to find out :)

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Lost Property - Episode 25: Bezzy's Wiv Lezzy

March 19, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear wake the dead, ride the bull, hit the nail on the head and look at becoming friends with a celebrity. Also wolfman breaks Kitty.
Listen   70:38

Lost Property - Episode 25: Big Winny's Microwave

March 12, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear are handing out gift vouchers, tweeting at awkward moments and leading jock into the kitchen as two more contenders for dick of the week step up to be judged.
Listen   74:24

Lost Property - Episode 24: Proud Mummy and Frog Baby

March 06, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear talk age restrictions, rattling, genetic accidents and things you shouldnt do with cellotape, cheese and hot toasties.
Listen   90:17

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