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Lost Property
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Lost Property is a podcast of loose bits, odds and sods, knick knacks of the internet and a whole lot more. How much more? Listen to find out :)

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Lost Property - Episode 36: Ringing The Devil's Doorbell

July 09, 2014
After a prolonged hiatus Kitty and Bear have returned! On the menu is Serenity, Fappy the Dolphin, a horrific list of would you rather's and pills that make your poop turn gold!
Listen   66:23

Lost Property - Episode 41: We're Fucking Alaska!

September 02, 2014
This week in a scattershot explosion of randomness Subo gets her badger out, gingers get a discount and we ruin a baked alaska.
Listen   56:06

Lost Property - Episode 29: Knowledge and Power

April 11, 2014
This week we're talking life on mars, life in west egg, galactic empires, hipster criminals, tales of endurance and Bear's true/false game with no name debuts.
Listen   72:09

Lost Property - Episode 23: Rutt Slut

February 26, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear put on their hairy tights, debate the life of Carl Grimes, douche moves on social media, binge watching and crusade for you to tweet either #dickjack or #dickjames.
Listen   108:08

Lost Property - Episode 42: Josef Fritzl's Frittata Van

September 17, 2014
This week Kitty compels the power of Yeezus and Bear milks a three eyed cow for all it's celebrity potential.
Listen   65:22

Lost Property - Episode 37: Big Clump O'Doil

July 16, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear are talking shepherds, missing teeths and tongs, meth rampage and domestic disturbances involving a squirrel.
Listen   69:54

Lost Property - Episode 33: Joan Crawford Was A Hoe

May 14, 2014
This week we're looking at the underhanded tactics of an old timey actress, the tax evasions of a potato, the magic of a bearded woman and the dark past of a webslinger!
Listen   56:08

Lost Property - Episode 39: 5 Days!

August 13, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear are talking drunk ghosts, darwin awards, prison pen pals, celebrity lookalikes and uncomfortable past times.
Listen   68:16

Lost Property - Episode 40: Castrating Cliff

August 27, 2014
This week Bear is demanding Hardcore Justice, Kitty dismays and a horse puts a bucket on her head in the hopes of saving her marriage.
Listen   70:26

Lost Property - Episode 25: Bezzy's Wiv Lezzy

March 19, 2014
This week Kitty and Bear wake the dead, ride the bull, hit the nail on the head and look at becoming friends with a celebrity. Also wolfman breaks Kitty.
Listen   70:38

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