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Matchstick Men
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Matchstick Men is a DJ/Producer-duo consisting of Ninjo Bergström and Pierre Zalas, based in Malmö, Sweden. Ninjo Bergström and Pierre Zalas, both originate from Hässleholm, Sweden, met at quite a young age and shared a common interest of music despite their different influences. As they both move to Malmö, they linked up and evolved their musical interest together, forming that which today is Matchstick Men. In March 2011 they started their very own club called Save A Lollipop at Babel in Malmö, which until today have been visited by some of the top names of the Electro-House music scene. Matchstick Men plays with great energy and intensity, and creates a vibe unlike no other. As a unique combination with a unique sound, Matchstick Men have shared stages with names like; ZEDD, Style of Eye, Maskinen, F.O.O.L, Savage Skulls, Familjen, Hypster, Gregori Klosman, Carli, Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee, Dödselectro, Serkan Denizer, The Squatters, Cristian Dinamarca, Mayka, and more.

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