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Mbrace Radio Ep 012 11/28/14 Is Black on Black Crime Really an Epidemic?

November 28, 2014

L Marrie, Kimz and Written discuss statistics on Black prison sentences and Black on Black crime and debunk a couple of misused statistics. Kimz and Written get into it and Written gets a black eye. Ipyani lockert gives his thoughts on the issue of Black on Black crime. L Marrie talks about rape and the victimization of the accuser in the justice system and in society. Bebe the cat finally gets on Kimz's bed and then gets kicked off the bed for having an attitude!

To download this episode visit mbraceradio.com/ episode012

Listen   127:22

Mbrace Radio Special Friendsgiving Edition

November 27, 2014

Since none of the scheduled poets made it to this special Thanksgiving open mic edition, Written and L. spend an hour talking turkey (and dressing). Featured musical artist is Aretta Hill.

To download this episode visit mbraceradio.com/ thanksgiving

Listen   62:14

Mbrace Radio EP 010 11/14/14 Pie and Principles

November 14, 2014

Written discusses the principles of human trafficking, Kimz talks skin and L. is deprived of pie.

To download this episode visit mbraceradio.com/ episode010

Listen   119:09

Mbrace Radio EP 009 11/07/14 Mo Funner in Movember

November 07, 2014

Kimz ushers in Movember, the team discusses the human trafficking epidemic in the U.S., Omarr McIntyre of "Urban Therapy with Sun" stops by to hang out and Bebe acts a fool in the this week's Bebe Report.

To download this episode visit mbraceradio.com/ episode009

Listen   119:43

Mbrace Radio Ep 002 08/22/14 L and Kimz Get Cut

October 20, 2014

Written maliciously cuts L. and Kimz out of the production.

To download this episode visit http://mbraceradio.com/episode002

Listen   120:42

Mbrace Radio Ep 001 08/15/14 The Intro

October 20, 2014

The premiere episode of Free Flow Friday. Meet hosts Kimz Wimz, Written and L. Marrie former hosts of Kimz Wimz Radio and Verb Radio on blogtalkradio.com.

To download this episode visit


Listen   55:45

Mbrace Radio EP 006 10/17/14 L Wasn't Prepared for This

October 17, 2014

Since Kimz was a no show L. had to fill the entire 2 hour show and she was NOT prepared. Poet Ipyani Lockert stopped by to spit a beautiful poem called "Generations at Hand." Written updated us about the Christian Family Gospel Festival and we caught up with Franc in Franc's corner.

To download this episode visit


Listen   120:10


October 12, 2014

A poetry collaboration with music by Written and spoken word by L. Marrie. Available for download and purchase at mbraceradio.com

Listen   1:30

On Fire

October 12, 2014

A spoken word collaboration by L. Marrie, Written and Kimz Wimz of Mbrace Radio. Available for purchase at mbraceradio.com

Listen   5:04

Mbrace Radio EP 003 08/29/14 Mama Donna

October 12, 2014

Franc and Writtne create an impromptu ballad dedicated to Kimz "Mama Donna." To download this episode visit: http://mbraceradio.com/category/podcast-episodes/free-flow-friday/

Listen   118:30

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