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The New England Airsoft Podcast provides news and information on the airsoft community in New England and the surrounding area. This podcast will be aired on a bi monthly basis with occasional shows broadcasted to feature special news and events.

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NEA Podcast - Episode 28 - Cobalt/Stag Ops

August 10, 2015

On this episode we speak with Cobalt from Stag Ops about his plans and trends in the community.

Listen   74:31

NEA Podcast - Episode 27 - Femme Fatale Airsoft

August 01, 2015

On this episode we speak with Kelly of Femme Fatale Airsoft across the pond in the U.K.

Listen   39:01

NEA Podcast - Episode 26 - Reboot Show

July 02, 2015
John describes what ATF has been up to the past few months and talks about the team's future.
Listen   15:33

NEA Podcast - Episode 25 - FUBAR airsoft

February 09, 2015

Anthony and I go on the road for the grand opening of FUBAR airsoft in Taunton, Ma

Listen   26:27

NEA Podcast - Episode 24 - Operation Reality Check

January 07, 2015
Listen   47:32

NEA Podcast - Episode 23 - Dark Horse 6

September 26, 2014
On this episode we speak with Dark Horse 6 Milsim. We learn a little about their team and speak about OP X in New Jersey.
Listen   39:28

NEA Podcast - Episode 22 - Local Events & Taka

September 03, 2014

On The episode we speak with our newest member to the team Taka.  Taka was born in Japan and raise in Hawaii and talks about playing airsoft in both locations.  We also discuss upcoming events in the area.

Listen   30:46

NEA Podcast - Episode 21 - Wolverine Airsoft

August 08, 2014

On this episode we talk with Rich of Wolverine Airsoft, makers of the SMP.

Listen   50:42

NEA Podcast - Episode 20 - Master Hobbies

July 27, 2014
On this episode we talk with Mike and Jeff from Master Hobbies and learn about the products they carry and what services they offer.
Listen   45:50

NEA Podcast - Episode 19 - Airsoft Manual Review with Jeff Hurcomb

July 13, 2014
On This episode we speak with Jeff Hurcomb from Taiwan who wrote an airsoft tactics manual which is available at: for no charge however donations are accepted and suggested. Your donations will assist Jeff with his future airsoft projects.
Listen   46:09

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