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The New England Airsoft Podcast provides news and information on the airsoft community in New England and the surrounding area. This podcast will be aired on a bi monthly basis with occasional shows broadcasted to feature special news and events.

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NEA Podcast - Episode 17 - Spring Offensive 6 - AAR

June 18, 2014
On this episode we talk about theft at the field and have an AAR from our own David Frye on Spring Offensive 6.
Listen   46:07

NEA Podcast - Episode 2 - Alpha Airsoft

December 05, 2013
On this episode we talk with Alpha Airsoft out of Connecticut and learn what they are about, where they play and what they are looking for in a new recruit.
Listen   37:54

NEA Podcast - Episode 3 - Billy Berte

December 18, 2013
On this episode we speak with our very own Billy Berte and discuss if and how airsoft prepared him for his Military Service.
Listen   27:50

Episode 31 Revolt Airsoft

September 10, 2015
On this episode I speak with Drew of Revolt Airsoft about his business and airsoft in general.
Listen   75:17

NEA Podcast - Episode 11 - Battlegroundz & Op Patriot AAR

June 01, 2014
On this episode we speak briefly about an upcoming team tournament we will be hosting with Building 52. We also speak with the guys from Battlegroundz in Attleboro, MA and talk to retired team member David Frye for an AAR on Operation Patriot.
Listen   53:07

NEA Podcast - Episode 14 - Deranged Airsoft

June 01, 2014
On this episode we speak with Deranged Airsoft and learn who they are, what they are about, and their plans for the future.
Listen   60:19

Episode 32- Jimmy Castle SOG

September 19, 2015
On this episode I speak with Jimmy Castle team leader of SOG in Maryland
Listen   47:36

NEA Podcast - Episode 7 - John Lu

June 01, 2014
On this episode we talk with John Lu form Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series about their plans for 2014, SB199, and Shot Show.
Listen   41:29

NEA Podcast - Episode 1 - Bowbrika AAR

December 04, 2013
Welcome to the New England Airsoft Podcast. Listen to our first episode where we give an After Action Report on Blacksheep Milsim's Operation Bobriwka, discuss local fields and events, and talk about our team, Assault Team Flashpoint.
Listen   41:17

NEA Podcast - Episode 5 - Building 52 (Special Report)

June 01, 2014
On this special episode we speak with Bob Marco of Building 52. Bob talks about his plans and progress with Building 52.
Listen   62:31

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