Autistic Wizard Red and BLUE - Now for PREORDER!

by Asper Kraken • March 30, 2019 18:42

These are my first new albums in years, called Autistic Wizard Red and Blue. Red is for fans of my more intense and noisier material, Blue is for fans of my slower and more ambient work.As an autistic musician in an autistic family, I was told by someone that my music could become very overpowering, especially noisier segments. Because of this, I decided to start grouping my albums into "sensory-seeking" styles and "sensory-friendly" styles. Some would contend this would fall under genre, but I get bored sticking in one format. So consider this my call sign to what type of music to expect from me. Because if there's anything I am consistent at, it's being inconsistent. As a sensory-seeking album, there's a lot of noise here. Lots of brain melting analog noise passages, breakdowns and more that may be a trial for the ears. But there's also a lot of faster beats for those fans of my earlier material, some grooviness in there and lots of basslines. 

As a sensory-friendly album, blue focuses more on smooth basslines, deep binaural rhythms and sounds, high melody and more danceable rhythms. It's meant to be relaxing but there are good grooves there too.Much of the album themes around things I've dealt with, as music has always been a form of expression for me as most would not consider me an emotional person. Most autistic people and neurodivergent folk will get the themes in the songs, maybe you won't. But if you don't, that's ok. It's just not for you. Track 1 is composed on Rhythm Core Alpha, all others composed in Korg DS-10 Plus, sometimes with multiple Nintendo DS machines and carts simultaneously. That would make this qualify as chiptune, I guess. My daughter also helped on a track. My son did the album cover, which I tinted mildly like a screen print, essentially. He's pretty proud of it. Neurodivergent love fueled these albums. I hope, if you're out there and feel like you're on the wrong planet, maybe realize you're just on a different wavelength - and that's a good thing. No one wants to listen to the Top 40 all the time anyways. 

 Preorder now on Bandcamp before it hits Spotify and other channels to download four songs free, right now!

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