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Chiptune ninja, synthesizer samurai, Aspergian dad and founder of Chiptunes 4 Autism from Dallas/Ft Worth TX USA. (formerly Oddioblender)


By Asper Kraken on March 30, 2019

While you're checking out my new album, be sure to get my Greatest Hits (Worst of oddioblender) if you haven't yet. It is on sale for only $2 until the end of April! 32 tracks.... for 2 dollars - all remastered and now in stereo! HUZZAH!

Autistic Wizard Red and BLUE - Now for PREORDER!

By Asper Kraken on March 30, 2019

These are my first new albums in years, called Autistic Wizard Red and Blue. Red is for fans of my more intense and noisier material, Blue is for fans of my slower and more ambient work.As an autistic musician in an autistic family, I was told by someone that my music could become very overpowering, especially noisier segments. Because of this, I decided to start grouping my albums into "sensory-seeking" styles and "sensory-friendly" styles. Some would contend this would fall under genre, but I get bored sticking in one format. So consider this my call sign to what type of music to expect from me. Because if there's anything I am consistent at, it's being inconsistent. As a sensory-seeking album, there's a lot of noise here. Lots of brain melting analog noise passages, breakdowns and more that may be a trial for the ears. But there's also a lot of faster beats for those fans of my earlier material, some grooviness in there and lots of bassline read more...

Oddioblender Worst of Release

By Asper Kraken on February 11, 2019

hello friends!

i am back! After a busy year I am about to explode with new tunes. But first, a throwback with selected works from 2000-08, all remastered with 33 tracks for only 7 bucks! Download it now at Bandcamp!

Sq wasLivestream on 22 April 2017

By Asper Kraken on April 09, 2017

FYI! Hosting a benefit showcase, five hours of Chiptunes on 22 April at 7pm US Central Time with all proceeds benefiting autism acceptance, awareness, empowerment and promoting neurodivergence. You can catch our livestream on Twitch and donate to a great cause! Thanks to my 3000 followers for all the support.



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