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Chiptune ninja, synthesizer samurai, Aspergian dad and founder of Chiptunes 4 Autism from Dallas/Ft Worth TX USA. (formerly Oddioblender)

New demo video.

By Asper Kraken on January 01, 2016

Thank you Kiwi6. Screw Soundcloud.

By Asper Kraken on January 01, 2016

I would like to thank Kiwi6 for keeping me on the featured section for pretty much a whole year. It shows that unknowns here are on a level playing field. As for Soundcloud, they have been constantly sending bots offering track plays (which i get here for free from you fine folk) and sex text offers. Yup. It has literally become a spam box.

Anyways. I will have a new sound video up and possibly some Vines (gasp!) and Instagram nonsense up this year as well as some new directions for my tunage as well. retail has kept me enslaved these last few months so I appreciate all the listens. Thanks to you all. New stuff soon. At last.

Video game remixes online.

By Asper Kraken on October 30, 2015

I know it has been a bit since my last update. The good news is that I have released a selection of video game remixes online. You can check them out on itunes now. Thank you all for listening. Can't wait to finally show off some new stuff.

Level 33 drum smithy.

By Asper Kraken on August 27, 2015

Today is my birthday and i thank you all for getting me to nearly 1000 followers ytd! Thank you kiwi6!

Sorry for the lack of material as of late. I think my latest android update fucked up my kiwi6 uploading. Weird. And security alerts? Seriously? Why the hell would anyone hack a kiwi6 profile? Oh no! Don't steal my music! Oh wait. I give it for free.

If you feel like funding my next work, buy an album on itunes or wherever or just follow me on spotify. Respect. Peace.


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