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Chiptune ninja, synthesizer samurai, Aspergian dad and founder of Chiptunes 4 Autism from Dallas/Ft Worth TX USA. (formerly Oddioblender)

Technical difficulties.

By Asper Kraken on August 21, 2015

I apologize to kiwi6 and the followers about the Metroid track going down. And for some reason, kiwi6 isn't accepting mp3 uploads from me....not deliberately. I think i am having some technical difficulties. But 950 followers... Thank you all again. Once i get this figured out i will get some more up.

Metroid remix and 100 spotify follow challenge.

By Asper Kraken on July 19, 2015

So since the Zelda remix is so hot, I think I will go ahead and put up my unreleased Metroid mix. We are up to 700 followers! Woot.

I am proposing a challenge. Anyone who is on Deezer, Spotify or Apple Music, if we can get to a hundred followers on any of these apps, I will post another round of downloadable music. Thanks again all for listening. Metroid Trap coming shortly.

Where to get 8bit Breakcore Action for cheaper. Half price on Bandcamp.

By Asper Kraken on July 02, 2015

Holy crap. You guys like Zelda.

By Asper Kraken on July 02, 2015

Just how in the hell did i get one hundred new followers in a week? You guys rock. Keep listening. Don't forget to listen on spotify, or better yet, feed my kids by downloading on itunes, google play or other music channels. Respect. I gotta give you guys new bonuses,

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