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Chiptune ninja, synthesizer samurai, Aspergian dad and founder of Chiptunes 4 Autism from Dallas/Ft Worth TX USA. (formerly Oddioblender)

More downloads, Kubla Khan and a big thanks for 400 listeners!

By Asper Kraken on June 14, 2015

I want to thank you all and Kiwi6 for 400 listeners to date! You guys must really like my music. My Soundcloud and Tumblr don't even touch the good word you guys are giving me here. It also helps that apparently I have permanent residence on Kiwi's front page. Seriously, they don't even tell me anymore. Kiwi6 must love me.

It goes to show that social media can't outpace actual music. In recognition of that, I am making the top ten tracks on Kiwi6 free to download as thanks. I have also uploaded my lost nerdcore hiphop album, Kubla Khan, to the streaming music services.

I will also be adding five new tracks to listen to today.

And just a friendly reminder, because i haven't told you eight million five hundred and two times already, all of my music is available to stream on Spotify and Deezer, soon available on Apple Music (giggle), and is available to buy on Amazon, Google Play, Rdio, Beats and more. Stream it and follow me at the very least.

Respect t

Complete discography now online

By Asper Kraken on June 06, 2015

purchase the entire oddioblender discography online at itunes, spotify, amazon, google play , beats, rdio and deezer music. listen first here at kiwi6... exclusive content soon.

Now invading iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon. Follow now. Respect.

By Asper Kraken on April 22, 2015

10 albums of back catalog now available digital at your favorite digital distributor. Courtesy of Distrokid.


By Asper Kraken on December 05, 2014

The 8-Bit Breakcore Action album is finally available at bandcamp. Check it out here. If you have a kiwi6 account and purchase it, I will give the first hundred people the Asperger's Beat album for free. Just email me a proof of purchase and your Kiwi6 account name and I'll get you a download code. Respect.

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