Chiptunes 4 Autism

by Asper Kraken • November 24, 2016 16:02

Hello to my beloved Kiwi6 followers! If you're loving that Zelda remix, you should check out my nonprofit Chiptunes 4 Autism! We released our first compilation late October - 17 tracks of glorious Chiptunes including yours truly for only 6 bucks, all benefiting the Autism Society, Autistic Self Advocacy Network and Anxiety Gaming. Our mission is to educate others, empower people on the spectrum and promote neurodiversity to remove the stigma of mental health obstacles.

I appreciate your support in advance and hope to see you there. And if you can't buy it, at least spread the word.




And p.s. new music coming real real soon.... More Chiptunes than you can handle.

#chiptune #8bit #autism #autismawareness

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