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The PAYDAY Crimecast is a weekly/bi-weekly podcast in which we analyze, speculate on, and simply just ramble about every aspect of the PAYDAY game series. For all you hardcore fans of PAYDAY out there, the PAYDAY Crimecast was created for you!

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The Diamond and Clover Speculation

December 14, 2014

Episode 0 of the PAYDAY Crimecast begins the habit of off-topic rambling. Also, this one was cut short due to technical issues. Thanks, Lachie.


By setting the bar so low, we had nowhere to go but up (hopefully)!


In the part that didn't get cut off, we speculate on the upcoming heist DLC, The Diamond, and the first female heister, Clover.

Listen   50:31

Clover, The Diamond, and Misogyny

December 21, 2014

The first episode of the PAYDAY Crimecast gets off to a flying start... with many tangents. Some serious things discussed were: The Diamond, women (Clover) costing money, Tabula Rasa, and overpriced free DLC (yes, you read that right). The non-serious things were: how to smuggle a sniper rifle into a bank, how to make money recording a podcast, and the fun that is r/consolemasterrace. Also, Steam reviews are still cancer.

Listen   100:48

Knockout!, Golden Grin Casino Speculation, GO Bank Retrospective

January 04, 2015

Part of the PAYDAY Crimecast crew (Edward and Lachie) return from the horrors of the holidays to discuss PAYDAY 2's New Years content, (one of) The Secrets, and last Christmas' heist, GO Bank. We also speculate on the upcoming Golden Grin Casino heist and wonder how much it'll mirror Ocean's 11.

Listen   94:16

Bomb Heists and Dragan Speculation, Mods, and Hotline Miami 2 Crossover DLC

January 18, 2015

The PAYDAY Crimecast gang speculates on/discusses the upcoming heist DLC (The Bomb), yet another heister to add to the (sadly?) unstoppable growth of "The PAYDAY Bunch", as well as the leaked Hotline Miami 2 PD2 crossover DLC, and awesome PD2 mods (PD:TH HUD in PD2 and GoonMod)!.

Listen   72:33

The Bomb(s) & Dragan Character Pack

January 24, 2015

We discuss the newly released DLCs, The Bomb heists, and the Dragan Character Pack. Also, we talk about the PD2 Blood Dragon mod, and, for some reason, the new music track, Searchlights.

This episode of the PAYDAY Crimecast features the first appearance of Luis, a new member who joined the PAYDAY Crimecast gang for entirely justified and non-contrived reasons, as one of our original members disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Apologies for Edward's microphone quality. It was stolen (or Edward just had his mic set to the headset mic, not his usual one).

Listen   62:30

Hoxton Payout, Old Updates, and Heist Game Competitors

January 30, 2015

The PAYDAY Crimecast crew talks about old updates and how they've changed the game as we knew/know it, competing heist-themed games (GTA V/Hardline), and how the payout of the most infamous heist featuring a foul-mouthed Englishman can be tweaked.

Listen   61:41

Hype Train Crash?

February 13, 2015

The PAYDAY Crimecast crew talks about the brow-raising and seemingly wallet-emptying Hype Train Event. We cover how it works, what each Hype Train stop "gives" us, DLC-purchase bonuses, the likelihood of consistent content production from Overkill, and of course, we question all aspects of Overkill's strategy with the launch of the Hype Train.

Listen   87:31

Infamy Intensifies? (Infamy 2.0)

February 13, 2015

The PAYDAY Crimecast crew crimecasts about Infamy 2.0..., Simon Viklund's PAYDAY 2 soundtrack B-sides, official map editor rumours, Hype Train goals, and Overkill's Overkill Pack and Completely Overkill Pack and Overkill Hype Train Damage Control PR Pack (tm).

Listen   68:11

Jacketed Butcher's Crimewave on a Hypetrain

March 01, 2015

The PAYDAY Crimecast crew is back to give you an update and discussion on the intensifying Hype Train event, PAYDAY 2's Hotline Miami 2 crossover Jacket Character Pack DLC (quite the tongue-twister), and without fail, we talk about yet more controversies that have cropped up, this time regarding The Butcher Mod Pack and the recently announced PAYDAY 2 Crimewave Edition for the PS4 and the Xbox One can'tsoles.

Listen   67:26

Overkill: Becoming Infamous?

March 08, 2015

The full crew is present for a bewildered Episode 9 of the PAYDAY Crimecast to talk about Infamy 2.0, the suspicious early release of the Overkill and Completely Overkill DLC packs, and Almir's head-scratching AMA on r/paydaytheheist.

Listen   96:32

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