Rang - Do You

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About Rang - Do You:

This song is about those who struggle through life and must do whatever is necessary to survive. Lyrics: So you ain't gon' try then you ain't gonna rise, and you ain't gon' fall, Just gon' let these days go by, everything's alright, when they ain't at all, You want to live it up, if it costs your life, then I guess, alright... just do what you want to do. okay, you say you've changed, but you're lying to yourself, i don't see it, it's a shame that your life is your excuse, and i'm not disagreein, it's hard i know, but it gets hard as we grow, i get my books and just focus, you get your car and just go... so what's the problem with that, you're lost in the fact, that nothing is guaranteed, you think college is crap, so you're in the streets, doing a 9 to 5, you call it hustlin, when you can be in a seat, blueprinting a better life, so where you goin, is there a place where you see yourself? in the future, or will you lose your health, tryin to feed your wealth, your head is on the cheese, that other people seem to melt, with their heat, i'm talking straps, you feelin like you're deep in hell, but i don't see that, no i don't, i see potential in your shell, i swear, your front is only foolin everybody else, but me, i have faith, and i plead to tell, that those around you are stressin, your family needs your help.. you must be tired of going to this gentleman's club everynight, instead of enjoyment, you fulfill these men's appetite, 5'5", brown eyes, but i never see you smile, just smirks, for them bigger tips, is your life worth this bit, the cash, you stack, gets you through your day, its enough, but the regret is tough to keep away, i guess, to see tomorrow, its easy to swallow the pain, no need to listen to your heart, if you can follow your brain... what you thinkin? just so we on the same page, girl, i'm been on the same path, i never changed lanes, but you were prolly never given many options to start with, like your parents were some druggies, they dropped you on the carpet, it's far-fetched, but i can only wonder what you've been through, see theres so much more in this world you can get into, i'm sayin shit like it's simple, i'm sorry if i offend you, but if lady gaga can do it, why can't you?

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