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The SKYTOWN LEGEND Growing up in the midwest isn't what you think it is. Keep your head up. Stay educated. Use words wisely. This is not about color. This is not about "rap music" or the industry. We shine before we grind. Mystified by the Chicago lights...his first time exploring from MLK BLVD to the Peninsula Hotel Gold Coast he brought Sailor Jerry, drank pear Stoli at the Frog Bar... and left the rest behind. Powered by the fervor of his fans for the creativity of his battle raps; I.S. has stood the test of time while others have come, been quieted, and gone. His dedication to #dowork rings so true that more often than not he slept at studio @203 leaving abruptly long before his manager was awake. The South Coast & The Source. This is the story that was never told. I.S. :"You think it's my time? Theres so many rappers out there." aL: "But they're not telling stories anymore...."

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