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For years now, Adam and Scott (the hosts) have been making fun of people who suck and giving opinions you won't hear anywhere else

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sobe podcast - halloweek late (03-12-2012)

December 21, 2012
Listen   44:43

sobe podcast - cliffordchat (11-01-2013)

February 02, 2013
Listen   29:52

sobe podcast - the mexican appeal (11-05-2013)

May 14, 2013
Listen   37:55

sobe podcast - a good eight inches (11-06-2013) (3)

June 14, 2013

Classic SOBE moments.  Adam, Scott, and Justin (member of our studio audience), gather around a phone to prank call almost all of Ontario's Dairy Queens

Listen   32:24

sobe podcast - downy's ultrasoft (30-07-2013)

July 30, 2013
Listen   25:45

SOBE Podcast - Fishy Pussy (30-01-2014)

January 31, 2014

Classic SOBE Moments!  We watch live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles having sex with eachother's decapitated heads, no joke.  We also have a Project X style Skype party, neighbour problems, and much more!

Listen   49:13

SOBE Podcast - Adalia Rose Gumming (21-04-2014)

May 07, 2014

One of the last episodes Adam and Scott did right before rebranding as High Brow Comedy.  It's a good episode for the many people who think Adalia Rose is an animal

Listen   70:41

HBC 35 - Feminazis

November 16, 2014

The show starts a little slow, we talk about our new show Game Maker Showcase and an interview that could have been.  The boys want Hallowe'en to be longer because it rocks, and Christmas to be shorter because it blows.  They ask all the hard-hitting questions, such as "what age is it when you start taking everything too seriously?" "What's the deal with bagpipes?" "why do most stores play shitty music?" and "why do people give up with trying to keep up?"  Ariana Talk-de, and a massive rant about how feminists are ruining the internet.  All this and much more on the newest Hog Brand Camoday

Listen   60:15

HBC #36 - Pewdiepie Of Porn

December 30, 2014

Adam and Scott bid farewell to one of their favourite fools, NC17Productions, but not without taking shots at his goodbye video, as well as his video about insomnia.  While watching his videos we hit a lot of major points.  Adam came up with a Youtube style porn site that is destined to make billions, and then we make fun of an Asian who has sex with anime characters using an Oculus Rift.  We check in with another one of our favourite fools, Chathamboy12, to see what sort of bargain bin snack adventures he's been getting into.  We do a quick "Let's Make Scott Fuck Adalia Rose," and so much more!Like the show? Subscribe on iTunes here!http://goo.gl/U5rj9MOr check out our Youtube channel and website:http://youtube.com/sobeefilmshttp://highbrowcomedy.net

Listen   68:18

HBC #37 - Grandmaster Flash

January 08, 2015

Adam reveals that Scott is gay for Chathamboy12.  We make fun of overdone jokes that people use on New Years, and Chathamboy12 as he reviews and gets nostalgic over fruit punch.  We review a desktop drum kit, play Scott's newest freestyle rap, and have a melatonin talk.  Adam wants to get jacked for New Years because he wants to beat the shit out of feminists, liberals, conservatives, and anyone who wants to talk politics... then he goes NUTZ.  We then talk about vegans, John Feldmann, other podcasts, and so much more!

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