Something Something Joystick

Something Something Joystick

A weeklyish comedy podcast hosted by Tom Sanderson and Xavier Rubetzki Noonan.

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178 - Star Wars Reboot

September 28, 2015
Listen   63:42

177 - The Spill

September 20, 2015
Listen   60:26

176 - Any Old Mum'll Do (feat. Reece Piper!)

September 06, 2015
Listen   63:58

174 - Three Hots and a Cot

August 23, 2015
Listen   52:10

173 - A Jon Lovitz Vehicle (feat. Nikko Malyon!)

August 16, 2015
Listen   76:18

170 - Close To Death

July 27, 2015
Listen   61:11

168 - Birds Eye: The Musical (feat. Jamie Jowono!)

July 13, 2015

This week, we welcome the very funny Jamie Jowono onto the show, and we talk about butt-huggers, weddings, and a harrowing bathroom tale. Plus, we play some of our favourite games, including 12 Angry MenThat's Not Content! and That Sounds Good, What's That About?



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P-90: Jonesez


Listen   60:08

167 - Testament (feat. Dave McDermott!)

July 06, 2015

This week, our very funny friend Dave McDermott finally returns to the show, as we discuss convenient truths, dating simulators, and Sciencey Michael. Plus, we play Five-Finger-Filet-o-Fish12 Angry Men and of course That Sounds Good, What's That About?



SSJ Theme 3000: Xavier Rubetzki Noonan

Like a New Dime: Taking Berlin


News To Me is the first track and first single from Sydney band Taking Berlin's new EP 'Degenerate Rot'. These guys have really hit their stride on this release, and I'm frankly pretty surprised we haven't played any of it on the show yet. You can find it on their Bandcamp as well as Spotify, Soundcloud and Unearthed.

Listen   58:44

165 - That Sounds Good, What's That About? The Movie 2 (feat. Dan Muggleton!)

June 20, 2015

This week, we're joined by the very funny 'Huge Old Boss' Dan Muggleton, as we discuss zoos, Heroes, and Dan's pre-cult origins. Plus, we premiere Twin Speaks, play a very meta round of That Sounds Good, What's That About?, and discover our new alter-egos, Hyphen & the Sandstorm!



SSJ Theme 3000: Xavier Rubetzki Noonan

FF 2.0: Shaky Handz


Sydney's SHAKY HANDZ have been described as "super chill dudes", and they specialise in catchy, ultra lo-fi punk tunes. Their just-released debut album 'CELEBRITY MAKE ME A SANDWICH' is packed with memorable moments. You can download it, or get on that sweet cassette business on their Bandcamp. This week's feature track is 'NOT SAFE IN THE CITY'. Yummy!!!


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Listen   58:14

164 - We Are Really Aliens (feat. Tom Gilmour!)

June 14, 2015

This week, we can't do the podcast, because we're out in space. However, the two of us, plus intrepid explorer Tom Gilmour, have an important broadcast pertaining to the results of our mission, and thankfully, it's not that different to the show. For instance, we still play 12 Angry Men & a Baby, plus That Sounds Good, What's That About? and of course, as usual, we have our minds warped by nerve gas and we turn into aliens. Wait, what?



SSJ Theme 3000: Xavier Rubetzki Noonan

Mènage á Zilch: Angry Little Gods


Make A Living, a track by Sydney band Angry Little Gods, whose members include Tom Sanderson and Tom Gilmour. Fun fact: these tracks also feature ya boi XRN on drums!

Listen   43:22

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