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The tribe has spoken with the only radio show in Australia dedicated to bringing you the latest news and the biggest interviews from the hit US TV show Survivor!

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Survivor Oz - Brian Heidik Interview

June 20, 2013
We chat to Brian Heidik from the 5th season of Thailand about how ‘suggestions’ rather than ‘orders’ were the key to his victory, why there were some behind the scenes issues with Jeff Probst and himself during his season as well as discussing puppies and porn, candy bar commercials and the truth behind the misspelling of ‘road trip’
Listen   79:00
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Survivor Oz - NaOnka Mixon Interview

July 04, 2013
We chat to NaOnka Mixon from the 21st season of Nicaragua about the situation with Kelly Bruno and why she knew immediately she was going to get a bad edit, her relationship with a former Survivor runner-up, as well as why she wants to see Jeff Probst topless more often, and just what Ozzy’s ass feels like
Listen   72:10
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Survivor Oz - Kelly Goldsmith Interview

March 30, 2014
We chat to Kelly Goldsmith from the 3rd season of Africa about why she is a game changing player in the history of Survivor, just how close she came to returning to play for a second time as well as which former well known contestant she can lay claim to making out with and letting us know which former contestants she played a part in casting to be on the show
Listen   98:55
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Survivor Oz - Candice Cody Interview

February 26, 2014
We chat to Candice Cody from the 13th season of Cook Islands, 20th season of Heroes vs Villains and 27th season of Blood vs Water about why she acted like a ‘crazy soccer mum’ on Blood vs Water, what actually happened with Adam on Cook Islands as well as why Heroes vs Villains was a ‘nightmare’ and confronting Ben about the bad things he has said about her in the past
Listen   115:10

Join Ben & the Ozlets as they sit down and provide their own unique episode commentary of all the Survivor episodes! To listen to this commentary with full effect you will need to play it in sync with the episode listed in the title! We hope you enjoy it!

Listen   136:37
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The Amazing Race Oz - Canada Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

July 14, 2015

Special host Colin Hilding and his crew of 'ARzlets' recap the premiere episode of the 3rd season of The Amazing Race Canada!

Listen   82:20
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Survivor Oz - Denise Stapley Interview

February 14, 2014
We chat to the winner of the 25th season of the Philippines Denise Stapley about writing a two page document pre-game that she has never shown anyone on what strategy she would use to win the game, just how annoying Abi-Maria was in the Philippines as well as why her neighbours were concerned about her spending time in her garage before she went on Survivor and what piece of advice Jeff Probst gave her during the middle of the game that helped her win over the jury and walk away a millionaire
Listen   97:11
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Survivor Oz - Carolyn Rivera Interview

July 15, 2015

We chat to Carolyn Rivera from the 30th season of Worlds Apart about getting so close to the end and why she felt she deserved more credit, dealing with the extra disappointment of missing out on returning for season 31 as well as just what deal she made with Rodney when it came to giving up a reward and dishing the dirt on what happened at THAT auction

Listen   78:58
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The Amazing Race Oz - Canada Season 3 Preview

July 02, 2015

Special host Colin Hilding and his crew of 'ARzlets' preview the cast for the upcoming 3rd season of The Amazing Race Canada!

Listen   98:43
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Survivor Oz - Dan Foley Interview

July 15, 2015

We chat to Dan Foley from the30th season of Worlds Apart about why he felt he was in a good position to win the game, THAT incident with Jeff Probst during the reunion episode as well as just who he would've voted for to win had Mike not apologised to him and just what his current status is with Shirin post game

Listen   239:30

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