The Hobby Desk Season 1 Episode 7 Josh’s top 5 historical wargaming rule sets.

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About The Hobby Desk Season 1 Episode 7 Josh’s top 5 historical wargaming rule sets.:

S1E7   Intro: Welcome to the Podcast   Theme of the show this week is Josh’s top 5 historical wargaming rule sets.


Hobby Desk Update - Trying to get a half decent Vlog schedule going, really hard to do with the limited time i have to work with. But at least I am getting my recording done. Working through my historic minis at the moment.    Shout out to two great hobby companies! Eureka Minis and Back2baseix   Patreon! Thats right we are on Patreon!   Reminder of Social Media   Facebook - Twitter- @Shoobslive Kiwi6 - WargamerAU Forums -   News in the Wargaming World: CanCon this Weekend, what I am excited for - even though I cannot make it! One of the guys from the The Hobbydesk will be!   Main Discussion this week: Top 5 Historical Wargaming Rule Sets! Spoilers ahead if you have not listened to the show!   5. Flames of War - Team Yankee   4. Saga - Vikings 28mm   3. Bolt Action - 28mm WW2   2. Hail Caesar - Ancients to Medieval - Any Scale   1. Flames of War - WW2 15mm scale


  All sources of information about the rulesets mentioned are from their respective websites and also wikipedia.

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