The Hobby Desk - Season 1 Episode 5: Father and Child Special

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About The Hobby Desk - Season 1 Episode 5: Father and Child Special:

Fathers and Sons (daughters) Special


Hosts: Josh Shoobridge

Welcome to the Hobby Desk experience! This fortnights show is about being a daddy wargamer!

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News And Rumours: Presented by Thomas Heffernan 

Basically his views on the company that shall not be named removing and changing their fantasy game. Let us know your thoughts, email me!

Hobby Update: 6mm and flames of war (again)

Just getting my 6mm vietnams painted and ready to go for a game, I have also been playing a bunch of flames of war with one of the boys from club. Ive had the opportunity to really sink my teeth into the rules!




Senate: With Josh, Tom and Ian

We discussed GW  how a certain game companies make massive changes in how players will be upset, and what we would do if we ran these companies.



Main Story: Being a Dad and a Wargamer

We here from a few of the lads from club who suffer from the condition of being a parent. We hear their stories and their advice for us all. I took this to the community. There is so much for us to do as parents and I share my thoughts and 5 pros and cons to help us be better at both.


Thanks again for taking the time to listen, keep sucking those oranges


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