Pilot Season

Pilot Season

There's a first time for everything! And this is a podcast all about the first (and sometimes last) episodes of TV shows. Your hosts Patrick and Alan look at everything from the humble beginnings of classic shows to the forgotten flops you were never meant to see.

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Coupling (US)

June 08, 2015

Friends meets Sex and the City in the US adaptation of Stephen Moffat's Coupling.

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J. Digger Doyle

June 14, 2015

Get out your Hawaiian shirts and overly short shorts! This week we look at the backdoor pilot for J. "Digger" Doyle which is actually an episode of Magnum PI.

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Doctor Strange

May 05, 2015

This week we go back to the 1970s. 1978 to be exact. A time of funk, mustaches and wizards. This week we look at Doctor Strange.

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Red Dwarf (USA)

May 13, 2015

Oh Smeg! It's another failed remake of a classic British sit-com.

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Days Like These (That 70s Show UK)

May 17, 2015

Imagine if you took That 70s Show and transplanted it from suburban Wisconsin to suburban Luton. Then you'd have this.

Other topics include: Cream cheese and how lame Ireland was in the 70s.

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The Justice League of America

April 25, 2015

Miguel Ferrer plays an evil weatherman and The Flash wears a funny hat.


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The Coltons

June 22, 2015

This weeks backdoor pilot was episode of MacGuyver with hardly any Richard Dean Anderson but a lot of Froggy the Dog.

Tangents include: a brief discussion of how long, Touched by an Angel was on TV for,  the flaws in Fight club, Alan's MacGuvyer related claim to fame, Fat Grandma and what it really means to be President of Ireland (hint: night time zoo trips).

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Payne (US Fawlty Towers)

May 25, 2015

In the late 90s, this Fawlty Towers adaptation had a very brief run as a midseason replacement.

Did it deserve better?

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Pryde of the X-Men

April 11, 2015

So now it's Alan's turn to play expert as we dive into comic based pilots! This week Pryde of the X-Men the 1989 X-Men pilot with Australian Wolverine. He hates kids.



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Pilot Season: Heil Honey, I'm Home!

January 02, 2015

For the month of January we're taking a look at series of TV pilots. The first being the "perhaps the world's most tasteless situation comedy" - 1990s "Heil, Honey I'm Home" a sitcom about Hitler and his Jewish neighbours.

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