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The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show
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The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy (JS&T) Show, is a comedic audio drama chalked full of zany humor. Don't let the childhood characters fool you, Jimmy, Sam & Tommy are full of clean humor for all ages! So go ahead and check out their latest episode!

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Behind the Scenes - Meet Jimmy, Sam & Tommy

December 08, 2013

Our host Billy Musica interviews Jimmy, Sam & Tommy about their experiences in "A Dog's Life". Listen in as we hear about behind the scenes info about how the series was formed!

Listen   35:36

Season 1 Episode 1 - "A Dog's Life"

December 01, 2013

The biggest moment in Tommy's 2nd grade life is on the line, show and tell. When Tommy's dog "Speckles" runs away, Jimmy steps in as Tommy's Step-Dog. Jimmy's new found canine instincts take over and he lands himself in the dog pound. Will Tommy and Sam people able to save Jimmy? Is Jimmy going to be stuck in pooch prison forever? Find out in this hilarious episode!

Listen   28:24

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