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The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy Show
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The Jimmy, Sam & Tommy (JS&T) Show, is a comedic audio drama chalked full of zany humor. Don't let the childhood characters fool you, Jimmy, Sam & Tommy are full of clean humor for all ages! So go ahead and check out their latest episode!

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Season 1 Episode 1 - "A Dog's Life"

December 01, 2013

The biggest moment in Tommy's 2nd grade life is on the line, show and tell. When Tommy's dog "Speckles" runs away, Jimmy steps in as Tommy's Step-Dog. Jimmy's new found canine instincts take over and he lands himself in the dog pound. Will Tommy and Sam people able to save Jimmy? Is Jimmy going to be stuck in pooch prison forever? Find out in this hilarious episode!

Listen   28:24

Behind the Scenes - Meet Jimmy, Sam & Tommy

December 08, 2013

Our host Billy Musica interviews Jimmy, Sam & Tommy about their experiences in "A Dog's Life". Listen in as we hear about behind the scenes info about how the series was formed!

Listen   35:36

Behind the Scenes - So You Think You Can Dance Jimmy

February 12, 2015


<b>Previously unreleased</b> interview with Jimmy, Sam & Tommy, interviewed by a mysterious person named Christopher Green. Brace yourself for Jimmy's superior dance moves, and secrets about Jimmy's cheek muscles. <b>WARNING!</b> this interview contains highly absurd spontaneous comedy and may not be suitable for people wishing to maintain their serious composure. Listen with caution.


Listen   25:29

S1E2 Sam's Town

February 23, 2015

Despite protest from Tommy, Jimmy and Sam have a high stakes board game. When Jimmy can’t pay off his debt, he gives Sam something of greater value. Although the local citizens don’t know it, Jimmy is actually the mayor of the town. At least until he gives ownership over to Sam in lieu of his debt. Big changes come to the town, and Jimmy won’t take it sitting down. Is the town doomed to a life of classiness and silky top hats? Or will Sam ever remember the little people from the town from which he came?

Listen   28:47

Behind the Scenes - Interview on "Sam's Town"

March 02, 2015

interview on "sam's town"

Billy asks the boys about Sam's recent dictatorially rule of their town. The boys discuss differences of opinion and answer some imaginary listener mail with many surprises along the way.

Listen   26:30

Scottish Chalet 2: Stop the Presses [feat. JS&T]

April 01, 2015

Scottish Chalet employee, Andrew, is trying to close up shop for the night, but a very stubborn customer wants a pressed panini and won't take no for an answer.For more from GreenStreams Studio check out Green © 2015

Listen   6:59

S1E3 - Hog Tickler

September 03, 2015

Jimmy finds some old feather dusters mysteriously left in his closet one night. Could they be from space aliens? Jimmy soon tries to sell off his feather dusters, re-branded as 'hog ticklers', only to find out his precious hog ticklers have dissapeared! Can Jimmy, Sam & Tommy win out against an angry mob, or do we know something Jimmy doesn't know? I guess we'll never know unless we listen to this episode! Ya know?

Listen   25:13

BTS 004 - Interview on "Hog Tickler"

October 08, 2015

The guys sit down for an interview to talk about the episode, “Hog Tickler”. Things get a little tense though. Did Jimmy go too far?

Listen   14:16

BTS 005 - Searching for Sam

October 15, 2015

After searching all around the world for Sam, Jimmy and Tommy report their findings (or non-findings) to Billy and showcase a new song all about trying to call Sam on the phone. LYRIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE


Listen   12:01

TIBAOJD 1 - Jimmy Changes the Channel

October 22, 2015

Jimmy goes ahead with his plan to binge watch TV (listen to BTS 005 – “Searching for Sam” for details) only something is a muck! Listen as Jimmy's Mom teaches Jimmy the secrets of television.

Christopher & Natasha Green © 2015.

'Stay tuned' for next Thursday when Jimmy meets Katie Leigh!

Listen   2:27

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