2021 The New Normal Record Industry

by The "Silver Conductor" • October 28, 2020 17:30

2021 The New Normal Record Industry

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this.What an unbelievable time for musicians. Masked concerts with Social Distancing. Studio recording with limited vistors and musicians only those you know and trust. Social media madness amonst the political BS campaigns. What is an artist to do? Well for the last 6 to 7 months me and the CJO (contemporary jazz orchestra) have been in rehearsals and the studio laying down some real groovy tracks, new sounds new fresh ideas. My advice to my fellow musicians, keep your chops and voices up, when we are able to really go wild again, the public is going to be ready to party and attend concerts like you've never seen before. Large and small venues will be packed with "LET'S DO THIS" attitudes. We will have to give them what they've been missing, Like JB said: "We Gonna Have A Funky Good Time". Ya'll get ready for some 2021 Heyyyy Now moments. 

In the attached photo is a picture of me and late brother with you know, EWF :-)

Until then, MusicLuv to ALL.

The SC.


The "Silver Conductor"

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