An Indie Artists Musts!

by The "Silver Conductor" • March 13, 2017 23:39

An Indie Artits Musts!

By: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Before I begin,let me make this perfectly clear, I'm not shooting for literary correctness,I write strictly from the heart and the majority of the time,straight to the point depending on the subject matter.I'm not trying to win a literary prize for I know those awards mainly go to writers who's ambitions are New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal kind of honors.With all due respect to ALL eyes that see read and hear this,no disrespect to your intelligence,I just want to have (WVC) Written Verbal Conversations with you as the friend I see you as. Punctual correctness typos and the like,are not something in a natural conversation, but expressions of verbal discourse are acceptable within reasonable respect.

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An Indie Artists Musts!

Let me start with it's been a while since I've written a post for my dear friend The SC. Life and the music business has taken fast and furious turns on a daily basis it seems like. With a tea spoon of Indie Artists and the chosen few majors who have dominated the industry by design, if you have the millions of dollars money machine behind you, you too can become "Famous", but let reality set in it's back to the "If It's To Be, It's Up To Me". That's where just part 1 of this series begins. An Indie Artists Musts!

Publishing. this is the life blood of your music out living you, but can be your heirs income for many years to come. Bing Crosby, Michael Jackson, Prince, John Lennon and many others who wrote creative master pieces that have and will stand the test of time as long as congress don't F*** it up by not making corrections to the provisions that where put in place by president Clinton, Bill that is :-D

As an INdie artist, you must be a member of or join immediately ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC the bodies that monitor your money flow. Goggle anyone by doing your due diligence. Read up see what other artists are a part of these organizations and make sure YOU join if you are creating music and getting it sold and played anywhere.

Mechanical  & Performance publishing royalties are what you will be missing out on just to name a few. Remember the rabbit hole is deep, but you can get your carrots if you get yourself educated to the facts of how the game is played. You Must do publishing deals, especially outside the US. Publisher, Co-publisher, Sub-publisher, this is for administration purposes that can lead to Big money from other countries which could ultimately become your biggest market. Places like Japan, South Africa, UK, Germany, Ireland and so many more.

Radio, TV, Commercials, Streaming, get your music placed like Miriam Hill and watch the royalties to flow. You've heard her song "DOWN" the budget behind that is crazy BIG! NBA, March Madness. Yes it takes work but you know the saying "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" Go Get Er' Done baby as my friend The Silver Conductor says, "Change Up" is what's happening.

In closing, You must connect with a sub-publisher for collecting of your overseas money. Do your due diligence and become get up to point on the business you are in. If YOU put in the time in your grind, it can happen.

Biggest Indie artist going:

Chance the Rapper Acknowledges ChicagoMoments after accepting his Grammy for Best New Artist, Chance the Rapper text his Chicago friends at Power 92.


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