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After several years of working with the likes of Earth Wind & Fire,Lionel Richie,The Jacksons,Dale Bozzio and many others,I felt it was my time with the new digital record industry. A real Independence to be who I wanted to be as an Artist. My music motto: "Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in You" The SC.

Come On (Believer)

By The "Silver Conductor" on August 10, 2015

"Come On" (Believer)

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. I'm back with something new. I went in a different direction, one that hit me over the weekend where the musical urge said dude go in the studio and lay that down right now. One vibe led to another BAM! "Come On" was down. Njoy.

The SC.

How To Stay Relevant

By The "Silver Conductor" on July 06, 2015

How to stay Relevant

To ALL eyes that see read and hear this. I'm going to be brief on this post. To read the entire post (copy & paste) this link and read the entire mental vibe.

No matter whether you are an Indie or major artist, bottom line "It's ALL Up To YOU".


The SC.

The "Party Train" is in full track mode...

Where Do We Go From Here?

By The "Silver Conductor" on June 22, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here?

To ALL eyes that see read and hear this. That is a question we as Indie artists have to ask ourselves with realistic Truthful answers. Why? you ask, because a lie to self gets you Nowhere!

This is our livlihood we are playing with when we are not truthful and more so, it could be your families livlihood. So my suggestion indie to indie.Handle Yo Sh**!

Recently Taylor Swift stood up against the Big machine called Apple and won, not just for her, but us Indie Artists as well. It's where Apple wanted to do a 3 month FREE without payment to the music creators just to get $10+ a month subscribers to their new music streaming service. Again pushing aside those who create the very content they use to get RICH! WTW? (what the what) ;[

So I say stay on top of your indie game and play to Win by sending out your musical advertisement (songs). Send them to ALL your social media channels a read more...

"Always Remembered" 2015 Thank You

By The "Silver Conductor" on June 15, 2015

Thank You...

Another "Always Remembered" has come and gone. A celebration to honor my baby brothers musical Legacy here in Sacramento but followed around the world from Japan to Switzerland, UK Australia and so many more destinations all overthe globe. One thing for sure, he was loved by many.

Skip Martin lead vocalist of the Dazz band and Kool and the Gang was great. Well back in the studio to record new music and a photo shoot that's going to be really cool. Yes as much as I love my Tux, I'm going to do some new looks and BAM! You'll see it first Hello!

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The SC.

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