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After several years of working with the likes of Earth Wind & Fire,Lionel Richie,The Jacksons,Dale Bozzio and many others,I felt it was my time with the new digital record industry. A real Independence to be who I wanted to be as an Artist. My music motto: "Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in You" The SC.

A Mother's Love

By The "Silver Conductor" on May 11, 2015

A Mother's Love

MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. Keeping it brief., I hope everyone who's mother is still living spent wonderful moments with her. Tell her you love everyday not just the celebrated day because one day it will just be words from your heart to a pictured memory. Mine was was taken from me by a drunk driver on a christmas eve many years ago, but the pain is heart felt every year on this day. So Love her with ALL the energy you have, for she is A MOTHER'S LOVE.

The SC.

In Memory of Robert F. Brookins

By The "Silver Conductor" on April 17, 2015

In Memory of Robert F. Brookins

April 15th tax day for most, heart and painful memories for me. It was one of the saddest days of my human experience life's moments, the phone called that was informing me that my musical mentor baby brother had passed away into the next life. Robert F. Brookins at 46 he was gone. 10 years as Earth Wind & Fire's musical director/co-lead vocalist with Phillip Bailey. He had known no other life but music. At 17 left his junior year in high school to do 2 world tours with the late George Duke and Stanley Clark, that's how incredible his god given talent was. (google his name) see and read for yourself.

In keeping his Legacy alive, we've created the RBMA (robert brookins music academy) a non-profit benefiting yes the under privilege kids who show a desire to learn the gift of music with a passion that Robert had.

On June 6th 2015 w

Jay Z's Tidal or just a Wave?

By The "Silver Conductor" on April 03, 2015

Jay Z's so called Tidal

Now ya'll know being from Texas, I every now and then throw some country swagg in my posts.

Ok back to Jay Z. I'm not a Hater never have been never will be. But I do like to be upfront. Is this just another get richer than I already am scheme? I can innerstand because I don't stand under anything, the "Lossless" feature is just a selling ploy to the conditioned mind of the masses. The REAL power wizards behind the curtain are pulling the strings of ALL things every artsit who's on the team if you are hearing and feelin what I'm sayin hear.

What about the indie artists? let's fight hard for the persentage royalty pay outs to be higher. This FREE only works with a mailing list building process which can be very profitable (hint hint). So I ask again, is this a Tidal wave financially benefiting the Jazer or ALL controlling consumers?


The SC

"Blurred Lines" / Sampling what?

By The "Silver Conductor" on March 17, 2015

Blurred Lines / Sampling What?

My 2 cents. This was a Lawsuit just waiting to happen right from the beginning. the moment I heard the track first 5 seconds in I said that's Marvin Gayes song. Not that sounds like it, but that is a straight RIP OFF! Damn that's really gonna give music a bad name.Well I'll be darn,if that wasn't calling the kettle Steal.

Now we have to go back to god knows where in music history and start researching what sounds like what? or now this is a BIG or, we can just say BE ORIGINAL! That is the new music era real issue. Most new labeled artists sound the same. I call it the Social Media microwave society music syndrome (SMMSMS)

Let's just get back to being Our Original selves rather than radio corporate music drones.

Thank God for the Indie Artist.


The SC.

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